I've been experiencing a lot of it lately. I eliminated every trace of dairy, eggs, soy, and peanut butter 8 days ago and there is still blood in munchies poop. I feel totally out of control of the situation, I'm doing everything I can and it's not working. I've read it can take up to two weeks for all of the dairy to clear, but I was almost completely dairy free for at least a week before eliminating every last trace 8 days ago and I'm now losing hope that the diet is going to help. It seems like maybe there is less blood, but it's hard to quantify the amount since it was barely visible to begin with. The NP mentioned getting Zoey on formula for some of her feedings at the end of this week if there are no results from the diet. It seems like an all or nothing deal to me, if Zoey is this sensitive I have a tough time buying that still having any of my milk at all is going to fly. I'm worried also because the formula she would start tastes awful by all accounts and many babies refuse it. I'm really not looking forward to making her drink something that tastes like crap and having to give up all of the benefits, both physical and mental, of breastfeeding all at the same time. If she does end up on formula at least I made it to 5 months and that's good I suppose. I think whatever it takes I just need to quit seeing blood in her poop. It's got be in a very disturbed and pissed off frame of mind. Well, here's to the diet magically working in the next couple of days.


  1. I understand your frustration. If by chance you do have to switch to formula, don't do it all at once. I had trouble getting Amber on formula after breastfeeding. Gary's mom suggested pumping and then mixing in just a little formula into the bottle and gradually adding more and more until it's all formula. It's easier to make the transition. She ended up on soy formula and survived.

  2. Also be careful with the formula that has iron. I think babies need the iron, but with all 3 of mine the iron made them break out badly, I had to use the ironless one. I am sorry that you are going through that, I know how much breastfeeding ment to you. But we have to do what's best for them and if that really is what is causing her to have the problem with her poop, then you have to do what is best for little Zoey. :)

  3. Sorry for the frustration. Hope you can get the problem resolved, even if it takes switching to formula.


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