May 2, 2010

Blog Birthday - Updated

Today is my blog's 3rd birthday. Those 3 years really sped by. (Added: Especially because it's actually only been two. Thanks to my mom, for pointing that out. It's nice to know time isn't speeding by quite that quickly. =) ) I think that's a sign you're getting older when years fly by. (Added: Also when you start to lose it and think it's been 3 years when it's really been two.) When I was little it took forEVER for a year to pass. I've come to love blogging. I think it's awesome that my kids will be able to look through this blog. I like looking through it myself sometimes. It's fun to remember what I was up to and look at past pictures. I've been through it numerous times already reminiscing about Munchies different stages and she's not even half a year old yet. It's a good way to keep memories fresh. I prefer it to scrapbooking because for that you've gotta buy all kinds of stuff to make it look good and not only am I too lazy for all that cutting and gluing but I'm way too cheap. I admit there is an appeal to being able to hold your memories in a book form though. I do want to print this whole thing out someday soon, maybe one bound book per year. Hmmm.... perhaps I should do that in honor of my blogs birthday.


  1. Do you have a good way to back up your blog? I wouldn't trust google (which runs blogspot, right?) to reliably back it up. I can just see the day when millions of people are crushed when all their data is gone.

  2. Happy Birthday Tess' blog!!! Keep up the awesome posts!! :D

  3. Umm, isn't it your blog's second birthday? I started thinking that I began blogging soon after you, and I haven't been doing it for nearly three years...
    Anyway, happy blogiversary!

  4. There is a way to back it up Eric. I have done it within the last 6 months. It doesn't back up your comments or pics though.

    Mama... uh, oh yeah. Guess I better fix that oversight.

  5. Is Specially really Especially? I always thought it was Specially, without the "E". I thought there was something weird with the 3 yr thing, but I wasn't sure so I just said nothing. Let me know on the Specially thing. I actually just googled it and know the answer. :)


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