I guess the diet just took awhile to work for Zoey. She has been blood free for a full week now. Right after I wrote the post about being so frustrated the diet started working. I gave her formula for a few days, but it was too soon for the formula to be the reason. I stopped the formula once it seemed like it wasn't needed.

Now we have a new problem, but it's much much better than the old one. Over the past week she has quit sleeping 10-11 hours each night. She'd been doing that for over a month. I haven't been able to figure out why, but she's been waking up after only 5 or 6 hours. Often it's just a couple of cries and she goes back to sleep, but a couple of times she's actually needed to be fed. It's strange. The only thing different is my diet. I'm wondering if eliminating dairy, eggs, peanut butter, and soy has made my milk less calories causing her to get hungrier sooner. She's been getting hungrier sooner during the day too, often wanting to eat before the usual 3 hours that she was totally fine with for months. I'm also sometimes having trouble getting her to eat for the full 20 minutes she always ate before at a time.

Now that I'm not seeing any more blood I've been reintroducing soy oil, which is in almost all premade food. Next I'll add back peanut butter and then eggs. Dairy sure looks like the culprit, so I'll probably only add back the trace amounts in things like bread at first and see if she can even tolerate that. Hopefully some of those additions will help make my milk last her longer.

On a side note, she loves being read to. She's getting into touching and feeling everything, which makes reading even more exciting.

But, it can be tough to focus on just one book when there is so much other cool stuff to be distracted by, like daddy for example.


  1. What a doll. She does love her storytime. You didnt mention how with the new diet she seems to be less flatulent as well. I think she will grow out of this and you can be eating normal again in no time.

  2. She's such a happy, curious little girl. Cute how she's looking up at Tim in the last photo.
    Tim, thank you for mentioning the reduced flatulence. Tess was trying not to err on the side of too much information, perhaps?

  3. I don't know what either of you guys are talking about. Zoey is a lady and has never farted in her life. Obviously tim's just looking for a scapegoat here...

  4. Yeah, Tim, that's low. Usually people just blame it on the dog, but blaming a lil' lady? Terrible. As Laura said, she never farts. Or poops. Sometimes a few rose petals will slip out, but that's about it.


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