5 Months

Yesterday munchies turned five months old. She's come quite a ways in the past month. At four months she could hold objects for awhile if I put them in her hand and she'd even wave them around some and clearly enjoyed herself. Now, she can actually pick things up herself. She's always reaching and grabbing now. Feeling everything and loving it.

She rolled from her back to her front this month. She did it so that she could see what was going on behind her when she was laying on her back on the floor. She loves laying on the floor lately.

That way she can see what's going on, and she has full range of motion unlike when she's sitting in the boppy pillow. She grabs her toes and flips from side to side. She doesn't flip over to her tummy often, but she did it all day one day so I know she's capable now. She can't always make it back to her back though.

Her new obsession is the mirror. She also loves the dogs. She follows them with her eyes and if one gets close to her she wiggles around wildly and starts breathing fast.

She suddenly started cooing all the time at about 4.5 months. She wasn't a big cooer before that. Now she's often making all kinds of noises including a loud squeal she seems to love to make. She has become quite a talker. She gets shy around strangers though and she never makes any noise around them. She just watches and smiles. She's still a chick magnet, they approach me all the time to look at her and compliment me on her. She gets wiggly and smiley and eats up the attention.

I have a Sunday night bath tradition that she always seems to enjoy. Yeah, yeah, I hear how I should bathe her more than once a week but it seems like hooey if you ask me. I'll do that when she's actually getting dirty. Anyway, she figured out how to splash with her feet a couple of weeks ago. She doesn't splash much with her hands yet, but she loves to grab her bath toys and gets thrilled about that.

She regularly sleeps 10-11 hours straight at night. She goes to bed easily, although she does often need Tim or I to hold her hand or put our face near hers while she drifts off or else she'll fuss. I don't see a problem with that since it only takes 5-10 minutes. She is still in a cosleeper next to our bed. I intended originally to move her into her own room and it makes me sad that the day is fast approaching. I wouldn't be surprised if I fail to move her on time, although I won't have a choice soon because she is going to outgrow the cosleeper.

She remains the sweetest baby I can imagine. Tim and I are awed and overwhelmed with love for her every day.


  1. I love her satisfied smile in the first photo. In the second one, she looks like she's doing some kind of judo move with the outstretched fist.
    But she's adorable, no matter the pose.

  2. Watch out for that constant cooing/noisemaking. That's how Kylee was & I haven't been able to get her to shut-up since! (Except for when I had her tonsils taken out, but that was short-lived :)


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