May 29, 2010

Saturday - Jogging and a Movie

Today Tim came running with us. We've been trying out the Jordan River Parkway Path lately. For some reason we've never tried it before last weekend. The section we ran on last weekend was pretty terrible. First we had to cross a flooded section of the path, and while crossing the dogs got loose and jumped in the river. The river was disgusting looking there and the dogs smelled bad afterward. Next, I opened my mouth as Howard shook off and some sewage water went in my mouth. Possibly literally, as we passed a sewage plant shortly after that. Long story short, we won't be jogging that section of the path again.

Today, we started at 7200 south and ran north. This section of the path is downright pleasant. It's right next to the river, which doesn't smell bad. There are trees overhanging the path. The path is not obstructed or rerouted anywhere. Quite dreamy. We ran 5.2 miles.

Next, we went to see Sex and the City 2. I know, I know, terrible. I enjoyed the episodes though, and thought the first movie was good. The second movie was pretty bad. Not to say I didn't enjoy it. It was fairly entertaining. But, I was also cringing a lot at some of the scenes. Sex and the City is all about the drama, and this movie didn't have much. Nothing much was happening with any of the characters. You know the drama is running know when the peak of it revolves around a kiss. Somehow I wasn't bored, but in hindsight the movie really did suck.

When we got to the theater to see the 3:55 showing, the ticket guy told us no, the movie didn't start until 4:55. Tim pulled out his phone, and while another lady was being told the same thing as us he showed the guy how fandango listed the movie as 3:55. Turned out the guy had a printout which was wrong, and his computer system said 3:55. We were a few minutes late. Everyone before us had been turned away. Thus, the theater contained only us and the lady behind us in line. It was pretty cool. I felt all special like I owned the theater. I'm not sure how that worked out for all of the people who showed up at 4:55 to see the showing that didn't exist though.

Tomorrow: The Zoo!

May 28, 2010


Zoey is giggling a little more often now and I'm able to get her going for more than 10 seconds at a time more often.

May 26, 2010

Post Pregnancy Body

I realized I haven't posted about this topic in a couple of months. Last I posted I think my morning weight was 110. Now I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight, which is a morning weight of 105. I packed on about 5 pounds during the year I was trying to get pregnant though, foolishly thinking that maybe I was too skinny when really it was that evil birth control pill that was causing my ttc woes (see here). Which means I've got another 5 to lose should I want to be at my preferred weight. It's a little tougher to crack down now that I feel presentable. I am determined to do it though, and am jogging often now that summer is here and doing the elliptical on non jogging days. Between that yard work, and hiking season being right around the corner I'm thinking I can meet my goal within a few months. However I have also discovered a delicious vegan chocolate cake recipe that might slow things down.

I may be back to my pre pregnancy weight, but my body will never look quite the same. The skin on my stomach really just gave up during the last month of pregnancy and is now in a very sad state. It's been riddled with stretch marks. Their color is fading, but the skin elasticity is just not there anymore. It's actually kind of funny. I have the stomach of a 90 year old woman. It's all saggy and wrinkled and some areas have given up more than others so there are all kinds of weird bulges. It looks worst when I'm sitting. Standing up it verges on decent. Fortunately I found an adorable monokini, see how cute it is? Most fortunate of all I've got a Tim. I'm sure there are husbands out there who would make a woman feel like her 90 year old woman's stomach is unsexy, Tim isn't one of them. I like how I can mock it and laugh about how it looks terrible without actually feeling bad about myself.

Lets discuss another vastly different feature of my body, my boobs. They're like 2-3 cup sizes bigger than they used to be. And the skin there didn't stretch any more gracefully than on my stomach. I'm terrified to see what happens after I finish nursing! I just don't see how the milk producing structures could cause a 3 cup size increase?? It's very strange. I'm crossing my fingers that enough will stick around to prevent the image in my head from coming to pass. Stretch marked flaps of skin anyone?

May 25, 2010

Learning to speak

There are a lot of wishful thinkers out there who think their babies are saying mama at very young ages. I did some reading, and found out that the word mama is the same or very similar in many languages. Why? Because mama is universally one of the first things babies learn how to say. Parents then associate these first sounds with themselves. Here we are thinking we're teaching our babies to say mama and papa when really they're teaching us. Cool.

May 24, 2010

Ish. Better-ish.

I felt I needed to emphasize the ish in this post, since hours after the last post there was more blood in her poop. Adding back in soy oil was a failure. Turns out even the smallest amounts cause problems. Finally the blood seems to be going away from the soy oil. Many MSPI babies can tolerate soy oil, because it's usually the soy protein that causes the problem. Obviously not this MSPI baby though.

Yesterday I made some crappy pancakes. Crappy because pancakes with no butter, milk, or eggs are not surprisingly sadly lacking. After eating the cardboard excuses to use syrup I realized I used cooking spray on the griddle. And what was the main ingredient? Soy oil. Dammit! Didn't even occur to me to check the cooking spray. Kinda like the time I cooked up a huge crock pot full of succulent pulled pork only to realize moments before I was going to enjoy it that I had forgotten to check the ingredients on the seasoning packet. I checked the bbq sauce and everything else. But, what did the seasoning contain? Soy oil. That soy oil has infiltrated almost everything sold at the grocery store. Whatever happened to using olive oil or canola? I assume it must cost more. Those cheap bastards.

Now that I know this is definitely diet related and I'm starting to even pinpoint specifics I'm relieved. I was worried it was something worse before. I'm happy I can control this. It's actually interesting to see how much I really can control what I eat. I've never had the motivation to control my diet this much before.

May 19, 2010


I guess the diet just took awhile to work for Zoey. She has been blood free for a full week now. Right after I wrote the post about being so frustrated the diet started working. I gave her formula for a few days, but it was too soon for the formula to be the reason. I stopped the formula once it seemed like it wasn't needed.

Now we have a new problem, but it's much much better than the old one. Over the past week she has quit sleeping 10-11 hours each night. She'd been doing that for over a month. I haven't been able to figure out why, but she's been waking up after only 5 or 6 hours. Often it's just a couple of cries and she goes back to sleep, but a couple of times she's actually needed to be fed. It's strange. The only thing different is my diet. I'm wondering if eliminating dairy, eggs, peanut butter, and soy has made my milk less calories causing her to get hungrier sooner. She's been getting hungrier sooner during the day too, often wanting to eat before the usual 3 hours that she was totally fine with for months. I'm also sometimes having trouble getting her to eat for the full 20 minutes she always ate before at a time.

Now that I'm not seeing any more blood I've been reintroducing soy oil, which is in almost all premade food. Next I'll add back peanut butter and then eggs. Dairy sure looks like the culprit, so I'll probably only add back the trace amounts in things like bread at first and see if she can even tolerate that. Hopefully some of those additions will help make my milk last her longer.

On a side note, she loves being read to. She's getting into touching and feeling everything, which makes reading even more exciting.

But, it can be tough to focus on just one book when there is so much other cool stuff to be distracted by, like daddy for example.

May 17, 2010

Loving her new toy and being cute

I got out a toy for her that I forgot I had. She stared at it and felt it for a good 20-30 minutes before I realized this was clearly fodder for an excellent video. If you stick around until the end she busts out some pretty adorable smiles.

May 15, 2010

Fun with the booger sucker

I've had a tough time telling if she likes me to blow puffs of air on her face with the booger sucker or not. I'm pretty sure she does. If nothing else she is very intrigued by it.

May 13, 2010

Walking like a pro

She will walk with help. It's so adorable to see her carefully putting one foot in front of the other. She is strong enough now to support herself standing by holding onto the edge of her crib so I suppose real walking isn't too far in the future.

May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and Allergy Update

For Mother's Day I got a lovely toasty day, what my parents would call a goldilocks day. It was incredible. We ate out on the deck, then we went jogging up City Creek Canyon. I love City Creek Canyon in the spring and fall. It's not very high so it it's about the same temperature as it is in the valley, unlike most of the other canyons which are a good 10 degrees cooler. In a little over half an hour we were able to jog almost 3 miles, all the way to the watershed sign. 10 and a half minute miles are pretty good when you're jogging uphill. Tim actually tried to quit on me a couple of times, but when I told him I'd see him on the way down his manly side took over and he had to keep up. He ended up beating me by 5 seconds. Zoey got hungry halfway down and we found a secluded bunch of picnic tables off the main road enough that I could whip out my boob without people seeing. Breastfeeding is so convenient. The site was right next to a river and had a bbq grill. We plan to go back to grill soon. On the drive home we were starving, but my diet doesn't allow for anything I could think of on a drive through menu. Even plain chicken is usually grilled in something containing soy oil.

I also got to not see any blood in Munchies poop for Mother's Day. Saturday I saw blood after almost two days without and was feeling very disheartened. I went and got some Nutramigen formula yesterday. The proteins in it are broken down and most babies with almost any type of allergies do well on it. She hated it at first. I had to mix it with breast milk. Now she will take it fine. I decided since there is a teeny tiny chance her problem could be too much fore milk (fore milk is less fatty with more lactose and dumps out of the stomach faster than higher fat hind milk, this can cause blood in the poop. Probably unlikely because the solution is feeding one side per feeding instead of both, so the baby doesn't get two doses of fore milk which I already do) I would pump and dump the first ounce or two of my milk each feeding, then let her drain that side. Then, I feed her a little more formula than the amount of breast milk I dumped. I figure that might help her gain a little weight. So, for now, she's on roughly half breast milk half formula. Although if this no blood streak keeps up it will have started before the formula so I can just take her off of it which would be awesome. If anything I'll get more breast milk supply out of this deal since I'm dumping the first bit. Oh, I also quit eating wheat as of Saturday. Wheat is another possible allergen. I think it's still more likely to be cow's milk that's the problem though because I had Tim call his mom and ask her if he or his siblings had any allergies as babies. Guess what? He was allergic to cow's milk. She never noticed blood in his poop, but he was colicky when he had it. Interesting.

May 9, 2010

Video and Happy Mother's Day to Me

I had a few videos on the camera that I think are must shares. I'm not positive if everyone else is as obsessed with my baby as I am, but just in case let's start off with a video of her blowing a couple of impressive raspberries. After that I try to get her to roll over unsuccessfully. You should probably quit watching after the second raspberry, the video gets pretty dull after that. Also, Happy Mother's day to me. I don't know what in the world I'll do to celebrate, but I know it will be glorious. I'll let ya know. It may involve seeing that new How to Train Your Dragon.

May 7, 2010

5 Months

Yesterday munchies turned five months old. She's come quite a ways in the past month. At four months she could hold objects for awhile if I put them in her hand and she'd even wave them around some and clearly enjoyed herself. Now, she can actually pick things up herself. She's always reaching and grabbing now. Feeling everything and loving it.

She rolled from her back to her front this month. She did it so that she could see what was going on behind her when she was laying on her back on the floor. She loves laying on the floor lately.

That way she can see what's going on, and she has full range of motion unlike when she's sitting in the boppy pillow. She grabs her toes and flips from side to side. She doesn't flip over to her tummy often, but she did it all day one day so I know she's capable now. She can't always make it back to her back though.

Her new obsession is the mirror. She also loves the dogs. She follows them with her eyes and if one gets close to her she wiggles around wildly and starts breathing fast.

She suddenly started cooing all the time at about 4.5 months. She wasn't a big cooer before that. Now she's often making all kinds of noises including a loud squeal she seems to love to make. She has become quite a talker. She gets shy around strangers though and she never makes any noise around them. She just watches and smiles. She's still a chick magnet, they approach me all the time to look at her and compliment me on her. She gets wiggly and smiley and eats up the attention.

I have a Sunday night bath tradition that she always seems to enjoy. Yeah, yeah, I hear how I should bathe her more than once a week but it seems like hooey if you ask me. I'll do that when she's actually getting dirty. Anyway, she figured out how to splash with her feet a couple of weeks ago. She doesn't splash much with her hands yet, but she loves to grab her bath toys and gets thrilled about that.

She regularly sleeps 10-11 hours straight at night. She goes to bed easily, although she does often need Tim or I to hold her hand or put our face near hers while she drifts off or else she'll fuss. I don't see a problem with that since it only takes 5-10 minutes. She is still in a cosleeper next to our bed. I intended originally to move her into her own room and it makes me sad that the day is fast approaching. I wouldn't be surprised if I fail to move her on time, although I won't have a choice soon because she is going to outgrow the cosleeper.

She remains the sweetest baby I can imagine. Tim and I are awed and overwhelmed with love for her every day.

May 5, 2010


I've been experiencing a lot of it lately. I eliminated every trace of dairy, eggs, soy, and peanut butter 8 days ago and there is still blood in munchies poop. I feel totally out of control of the situation, I'm doing everything I can and it's not working. I've read it can take up to two weeks for all of the dairy to clear, but I was almost completely dairy free for at least a week before eliminating every last trace 8 days ago and I'm now losing hope that the diet is going to help. It seems like maybe there is less blood, but it's hard to quantify the amount since it was barely visible to begin with. The NP mentioned getting Zoey on formula for some of her feedings at the end of this week if there are no results from the diet. It seems like an all or nothing deal to me, if Zoey is this sensitive I have a tough time buying that still having any of my milk at all is going to fly. I'm worried also because the formula she would start tastes awful by all accounts and many babies refuse it. I'm really not looking forward to making her drink something that tastes like crap and having to give up all of the benefits, both physical and mental, of breastfeeding all at the same time. If she does end up on formula at least I made it to 5 months and that's good I suppose. I think whatever it takes I just need to quit seeing blood in her poop. It's got be in a very disturbed and pissed off frame of mind. Well, here's to the diet magically working in the next couple of days.

May 2, 2010

Blog Birthday - Updated

Today is my blog's 3rd birthday. Those 3 years really sped by. (Added: Especially because it's actually only been two. Thanks to my mom, for pointing that out. It's nice to know time isn't speeding by quite that quickly. =) ) I think that's a sign you're getting older when years fly by. (Added: Also when you start to lose it and think it's been 3 years when it's really been two.) When I was little it took forEVER for a year to pass. I've come to love blogging. I think it's awesome that my kids will be able to look through this blog. I like looking through it myself sometimes. It's fun to remember what I was up to and look at past pictures. I've been through it numerous times already reminiscing about Munchies different stages and she's not even half a year old yet. It's a good way to keep memories fresh. I prefer it to scrapbooking because for that you've gotta buy all kinds of stuff to make it look good and not only am I too lazy for all that cutting and gluing but I'm way too cheap. I admit there is an appeal to being able to hold your memories in a book form though. I do want to print this whole thing out someday soon, maybe one bound book per year. Hmmm.... perhaps I should do that in honor of my blogs birthday.
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