Boy I'm kind of a slacker. Kristina got married over a month ago so I'm a little late posting this. Kristina's reception was the bomb. She has a candy bar, complete with M&Ms that has her and her groom's faces printed on them. Awesome. Although now that I think of it, I realize that she turned all of her guests into cannibals kind of. But, maybe that was her plan, who am I to judge. She also had a taco cart, even I liked the tacos and I'm not much of a taco person. There were cupcakes. There was horchacha. To be honest I don't know if I spelled that right. I'm confident I didn't. I don't think I say it right still either. It's a drink made of milk, sugar, and cinnamon deliciousness. There were minty chocolate surprises. And much much more.

You get the idea. A feast. For a worthy cause, Kristina and Jeff are one of the cutest couples I've met. The first time she introduced me to him not long after they met I thought they seemed perfect together. I love when I'm right about that. Well done Kristina.

Before we left I whispered something in her ear.

Look how funny I am! Proof. I whispered something about a special hug just so you know.


  1. How cute! I don't know these people, but their wedding sounds pretty fantastic. I love going to weddings (how girly of me, right?) :)


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