Vegas Anniversary

Four years ago we got married in Vegas. We stayed at the Tropicana. It was a great short vacation with some time logged in each day lounging by the pool reading. Reading in the sun is one of my all time favorite things to do. We had good fortune and won quite a bit of money playing blackjack. We watched the magic show where the guy does all the tricks with tigers and lions. I love me some tigers and the tricks were amazing. We had such a good time and it was one of those trips where everything goes smoothly and is as fun as you hope it will be. I don't believe in things being "meant to be", but I will say it was tempting to feel that way on this trip. We celebrate our wedding in August for the most part, but April 30th still holds a special place in my heart and assuming we remember, I like to make some kind of romantic plans for the day. This years plans will probably consist of taking a long walk and watching a movie. Good times.

Happy anniversary Lewis*.

* For some reason I like to call him Lewis. Oh wait, I do actually remember. You know the phrase, "Gee Lou"? Ok. I just googled that and maybe it isn't a phrase. Maybe it's Geez-a-Lou. I see that one. I thought it was Gee Lou this whole time. Does anyone know of the phrase? Well, anywho, so I'll always be like, "Gee Lou. What's going on?" And eventually Lou became his nickname. But, it seems a little informal at times, so I started calling him Lewis too. I alternate. Lou or Louis, I like them both. But, clearly this occasion called for the formal version. Duh.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Vegas anniversary!
    I'm not sure I get the Lewis thing. You could have included your Elvis impersonator experience, but maybe you already did that last year...

  3. Are you thinking of the phrase "geez Louise"? That's the only one I can think of. And lewis sure would be the appropriate male version.

  4. Oh! That's the one Laura. Geez Louise. Then it got shortened to gee Lou, then just Lou or Lewis.

  5. Thanks Anna and Mama. =) I don't know if I included the Elvis thing last year or not... I'll have to check.

  6. Happy (Belated) Anniversary Tess & Tim! :)


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