Dear Dairy, absence will surely make my heart grow fonder

I first noticed a teeny tiny bit of blood in Zoey's poop around the beginning of the month. A couple days later she had her 4 month doctor visit and I asked about it there. I was told that if I noticed it again the next step would be to eliminate dairy from my diet. If you know me you know dairy is pretty much my entire diet. Tim and I drink 4 gallons of milk per week. I'm a dairyoholic. First I tried tapering down quite a bit, but I still saw a bit of blood. Currently I'm totally off eggs, nuts, and any obvious dairy. I know there's some dairy in almost everything, but I'm hoping this will be enough. One day down without any blood. If it continues then I'll be sold that dairy was the problem. It's tough not having any dairy. At least it is different than lactose intolerance, it's a problem with the large proteins in milk irritation a baby's very sensitive system that usually resolves itself. Luckily it's pretty common for babies to do fine by 6 months with dairy so I may not have to go too long without. Assuming this is actually the problem. A few days more and I should know for sure. In the mean time, can I just say that soy is kinda gross? Anyone know which brand tastes best? And what's with the weird chalky feeling that lingers in your mouth after you drink it? On the plus side, you know that OutKast song that's like "You know you think that your shit don't stink"? Yeah, well mine really doesn't. I guess I can say that for no dairy. Although come to think, I'm not sure that's actually so much of a real life advantage as it is a fun novelty for the moment. Ah well, being able to keep breastfeeding her is worth it. It's too awesome to think about giving up yet. I love when she's been going for long enough that she's not too hungry anymore often when I speak she turns her head and looks up at me, then gives me a big smile. It melts me. Then after a minute it occurs to her that there's food, right there, for the taking and she's like, "OooOOOoohh, thanks, I think I WILL have more". I love that I'm giving her exactly what she needs and don't have to do any preparing at all. So natural and easy. For now breastfeeding wins over dairy.


  1. If you can find it try Almond Milk. I don't know anything about it, just that is something used when babies are allergic to milk. You can do some research on it to find out if it will work or not.

  2. Ugh, yeah... I really only like regular soy milk when it's mixed in with something (i.e. cereal, coffee, tea, etc.) Just plain to drink though? No thanks. Have you tried Vanilla or Chocolate Soy? Oh, and when I use soy milk, I buy the Silk brand. My step-brother once told me that rice milk tastes better than soy milk, but I've never tried it. Let us all know how it goes.

  3. Silk is the way to go with soy milk. It's better then a lot of the other brands because you keep it in the fridge. Good luck.


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