4 Months

Munchies is 4 months old today. This past month has really been a fun one. I was able to notice more changes in her this month than the previous months.

She giggles now and it is adorable, but she's picky about what's funny enough to elicit a giggle. When you find something that gets her going it's usually short lived and she wants some new material soon after.

She smiles more than ever. Unlike her giggles she is quite free with her smiles. She's always grinning it seems like. The alphabet song never fails to get at least a smile out of her, and often she will even giggle at it. It's the only thing so far that gets a repeat giggle except for when Tim dances her around the house singing to her, that one has been awarded more than one bout of giggles too.

She can roll over onto her back from her tummy, but she has only done it a few times. She still finds it tricky to figure out where to put her arm so it doesn't impede her roll. She can lift her head nice and high on her tummy so she's got some good neck and arm strength going.

She loves to sit.

She loves when I put my fingers out for her to grab and then pull her into a sitting position. She often reaches out and grabs my finger with one hand and then tries to pull herself up with one arm while pulling this hilarious face like showing how hard she's working. She can't lift herself at all with just the one arm though. I have to get her to grab the other finger and then help pull her up. Once she's sitting she can support herself holding my fingers easily. I can even pull her into a standing position now, which she loves, but that is hard work for her to maintain for very long.

She likes when we ride Howard.

She likes when I put a toy in her hand to play with.

She has figured out how to put her fingers in her mouth. She isn't a big thumb sucker but she likes to feel around her mouth with her fingers. It is very interesting stuff. She also comforts herself this way sometimes.

Or sometimes mama comforts her with the old over the shoulder maneuver. She loves this.

Tim likes to play airplane with her. She's not too sure about it yet, but she thinks it's pretty fun.

She got a visit from her aunt Sammy this month. It was hilarious to see Sammy do baby talk and Sammy was smitten with her good manners.

She had her 4 month check up today. Her length is actually average which surprised me. Her weight is only in the 5th percentile which is a little lower than it was at birth and her 2 month check up. The nurse practitioner said that wasn't a big deal though. She said studies show that being low in weight is actually healthier for babies than being too chubby. She said Zoey appears just fine and doesn't look too skinny at all, which is what I think too. Zoey got a couple of her vaccinations and now I'm waiting to see if she is going to run a fever from them. I've decided to spread her vaccinations out more than the typical schedule shows. For her 2/4/6 month check ups it takes me 3 visits to do her shots instead of doing them all in one visit.

I blinked and 4 months passed. I am so glad I am able stay home with her. I can't imagine how fast time would pass if I was working full time. I love being there to watch her grow and I know no one else would cheer like it's the NBA playoffs when she rolls over, feel total pleasure at seeing her smile, laugh like an idiot when she giggles or love her as much as I do. Happy 4 month birthday to the sweetest munchies ever.


  1. lol, tim's face when he's doing the airplane with her is adorable. I don't understand where the time's gone either...I can't believe she's that old already. She still seems like such a tiny little lady.

  2. Oh I would definitely cheer like she'd just done something worth winning the olympic gold if I saw her roll over for the first time, but no one loves her quite like her Mama. She's so sweet.

  3. Hey, I'm right there with ya cheering (although I'm not ACTUALLY there to see all of Zoey's breakthroughs)! It's amazing...every little milestone. :) Zoey's doing so well and looking cuter and cuter all of the time! I can't wait to see her again in person. Hopefully, it won't be another 3 and a half months though.

  4. I love these posts and watching Zoey grow. You guys are great parents, doing everything you're supposed to do, including cheering every milestone.

  5. Oh yeah, Tim does look funny in that pic. Get ready, you're gonna experience the time warp first hand shortly.

    Thanks Nikki and Alexis for offering up your cheering too. And yes Alexis, we should all meet up for another lunch sooner this time.

    I'm glad you like these posts Loran. Sometimes I feel like they're a bit too detailed, but on the other hand I want Zoey to be able to reference these when she has her own babies.


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