Apr 30, 2010

Vegas Anniversary

Four years ago we got married in Vegas. We stayed at the Tropicana. It was a great short vacation with some time logged in each day lounging by the pool reading. Reading in the sun is one of my all time favorite things to do. We had good fortune and won quite a bit of money playing blackjack. We watched the magic show where the guy does all the tricks with tigers and lions. I love me some tigers and the tricks were amazing. We had such a good time and it was one of those trips where everything goes smoothly and is as fun as you hope it will be. I don't believe in things being "meant to be", but I will say it was tempting to feel that way on this trip. We celebrate our wedding in August for the most part, but April 30th still holds a special place in my heart and assuming we remember, I like to make some kind of romantic plans for the day. This years plans will probably consist of taking a long walk and watching a movie. Good times.

Happy anniversary Lewis*.

* For some reason I like to call him Lewis. Oh wait, I do actually remember. You know the phrase, "Gee Lou"? Ok. I just googled that and maybe it isn't a phrase. Maybe it's Geez-a-Lou. I see that one. I thought it was Gee Lou this whole time. Does anyone know of the phrase? Well, anywho, so I'll always be like, "Gee Lou. What's going on?" And eventually Lou became his nickname. But, it seems a little informal at times, so I started calling him Lewis too. I alternate. Lou or Louis, I like them both. But, clearly this occasion called for the formal version. Duh.

Apr 27, 2010

No Really, Goodbye All Dairy and also Soy

Munchies went to the doctor today because I spoke too soon and more blood appeared. Still not a large amount, little enough that serious diaper inspection had to happen to see it. But, enough that if I can't modify my diet to stop it, I'm going to be forced to put her on formula. Even though formula is cow's milk, they break the proteins down into small pieces that most babies can handle. I really don't want to give up breast feeding yet. When I started I thought I'd do it for 6 months and then taper off, but now that she's almost 5 months old I don't feel close to ready to stop. Breast feeding really is amazing. I'm now thinking I want to do it for 9 months or a year. So, I'm cracking down on the milk and soy as of today. It's surprising to me exactly how much of what I eat contains dairy or soy traces. Most bread, cereal, granola bars, creamer, pasta, even most spaghetti sauce... and the list goes on and on. I'm finding it more helpful to look at lists of what I can eat instead of what I can't. Those lists are much shorter. Luckily for me MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance) isn't incredibly uncommon in babies so there are many lists of things I can eat. Today I'm going to a Whole Foods store to see what I can find. I'll report back on what I find tasty.

Apr 26, 2010

No Dairy It Is

After saying off Dairy for longer I am now more confident it was the cause of Zoey's problems. There's been significantly less blood in her poop, she went 4 days or so with none. She did have a tiny bit the last couple days, but I think it's because I tested drinking goat's milk. I tested it because I'd read that the proteins in goat's milk are smaller than in cow's milk which makes it more tolerable for some with dairy allergies. But, not munchies apparently. Too bad because goat's milk is a delicious dream. Actually, maybe it's good 'cuz weight loss is sure to be easier without me guzzling creamy deliciousness all the time. It's soy, rice, or almond milk for me. Turns out soy tastes like something meant to run an automobile. I really wanted to like it, but I can't. Rice is just about as bad. Almond is slightly tolerable. I think it tastes just fine in cereal or coffee. Still kinda weird by itself, but I have yet to taste the vanilla version so maybe I'll change my mind then. There's also chocolate soy and rice milk to taste. So many options! I'm now wondering if her weight dropping from 17th percentile to 5th is related to dairy. Guess I'll find out at her next check up.

Speaking of weight, the plateau I hit is finally over. I'm down to 107 now, just two pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight. Although, the weight doesn't look the same as it did pre pregnancy. My goal is 100. Hopefully I'll be more satisfied with how I look at that weight. I'm not unhappy with how I look now, but I do know I can look better. I want to get looking my best so I can start stuffing my face with crap again. Ah, the day is in sight...

Apr 24, 2010

Cartoons these days

While I get ready in the morning I often turn on some cartoons for Zoey and sit her in her boppy on my bed. They say you're not supposed to let babies watch TV, but I figure 10 minutes here and there isn't gonna hurt anything. It's interesting how fascinated she has been by the TV even when she was a newborn. She sits happily this way for awhile. I only play good cartoons for her though. What's up with the cartoons on these days? They're really dumb and boring. I dvr old school MGM cartoons for her. My all time favorite are Looney Tunes especially bugs bunny cartoons. The best. I can't even find them on TV though, I think I'm going to order the complete set of Looney Tunes for her online. I don't want her addicted to cartoons that I can't stand watching if I can help it. I can hardly believe I'm old enough to complain about cartoons "these days". Is Zoey gonna be blogging one day about why cartoons these days aren't as good as old school Dora the Explorer? Deep down I can't help but feel like Looney Tunes really are the best and it's not just my age.

Here she is doing her trademark head turn. She's always turning away like this after grinning like she's shy. She does it with me just as much as with anyone else so I guess it's just a funny mannerism.

Apr 22, 2010


A family member found out she/he had to have a surgery recently. It was a scary situation because the surgery was a tricky one and the outcome was uncertain. I found out that I cope with tough situations by believing that everything will be okay in the end and if they aren't, well, I'll deal with it then. Others come to grips with the possible outcomes beforehand. I'm undecided which is the healthiest method, but as it turned out, mine worked well for me since the outcome has been mostly good. It's been a little over two weeks since the surgery and although recovery has taken an incredible amount of effort on the patient's part, it is going well overall and it appears that she/he will recover fully soon.

The surgery was done at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Tim and I went there for a week to help out. We were planning to stay for longer, but I got sick and ended up quarantined in my hotel room in attempts to not make matters worse by infecting the person I was there to help. I was able to help for 5 days or so before it hit, so I guess it could have been worse.

While we were there we took a few walks on a great path near our hotel.

If you look closely at this picture you can see Zoey peeking out.

I wish there were a path like this near my house. My first time on the path I accidentally veered off of it and ended up in the ghetto. I kept thinking I was about to run into the path again, and then I found myself jogging through a deserted industrial area. Most of the buildings were vacant, graffiti was abundant, and men stood around in clusters loitering and smoking. Oops. Fortunately I found the path again after a few minutes. Tim had a little scare of his own a few days later when I came down with my cold. It was 1 in the morning and I couldn't get to sleep because my nose was so clogged up. He valiantly struck out on foot to a nearby gas station to check for magical spray stuff. After hearing my vivid description of the ghetto nearby he asked the clerk what he thought of the neighborhood. The clerk pointed to a run down house across the street and said, "Well, there's the local crack house." On his walk home Tim was followed by a man singing and talking loudly to himself.

Zoey did great on the trip. She loved the airport, plane and even the hospital. I wore her around in the baby bjorn most of the time and she had her eyes wide open staring at everyone, smiling, and kicking her legs around gleefully. She melted many a heart. She is a regular woman magnet. I was approached everywhere we went and told how cute she is. It was a relief that she did so well, but I am glad to be home. Staying in a hotel is fine, but it's nice to have everything you need when you need it (like magical spray stuff for example).

Apr 19, 2010

Dear Dairy, absence will surely make my heart grow fonder

I first noticed a teeny tiny bit of blood in Zoey's poop around the beginning of the month. A couple days later she had her 4 month doctor visit and I asked about it there. I was told that if I noticed it again the next step would be to eliminate dairy from my diet. If you know me you know dairy is pretty much my entire diet. Tim and I drink 4 gallons of milk per week. I'm a dairyoholic. First I tried tapering down quite a bit, but I still saw a bit of blood. Currently I'm totally off eggs, nuts, and any obvious dairy. I know there's some dairy in almost everything, but I'm hoping this will be enough. One day down without any blood. If it continues then I'll be sold that dairy was the problem. It's tough not having any dairy. At least it is different than lactose intolerance, it's a problem with the large proteins in milk irritation a baby's very sensitive system that usually resolves itself. Luckily it's pretty common for babies to do fine by 6 months with dairy so I may not have to go too long without. Assuming this is actually the problem. A few days more and I should know for sure. In the mean time, can I just say that soy is kinda gross? Anyone know which brand tastes best? And what's with the weird chalky feeling that lingers in your mouth after you drink it? On the plus side, you know that OutKast song that's like "You know you think that your shit don't stink"? Yeah, well mine really doesn't. I guess I can say that for no dairy. Although come to think, I'm not sure that's actually so much of a real life advantage as it is a fun novelty for the moment. Ah well, being able to keep breastfeeding her is worth it. It's too awesome to think about giving up yet. I love when she's been going for long enough that she's not too hungry anymore often when I speak she turns her head and looks up at me, then gives me a big smile. It melts me. Then after a minute it occurs to her that there's food, right there, for the taking and she's like, "OooOOOoohh, thanks, I think I WILL have more". I love that I'm giving her exactly what she needs and don't have to do any preparing at all. So natural and easy. For now breastfeeding wins over dairy.

Apr 10, 2010


Boy I'm kind of a slacker. Kristina got married over a month ago so I'm a little late posting this. Kristina's reception was the bomb. She has a candy bar, complete with M&Ms that has her and her groom's faces printed on them. Awesome. Although now that I think of it, I realize that she turned all of her guests into cannibals kind of. But, maybe that was her plan, who am I to judge. She also had a taco cart, even I liked the tacos and I'm not much of a taco person. There were cupcakes. There was horchacha. To be honest I don't know if I spelled that right. I'm confident I didn't. I don't think I say it right still either. It's a drink made of milk, sugar, and cinnamon deliciousness. There were minty chocolate surprises. And much much more.

You get the idea. A feast. For a worthy cause, Kristina and Jeff are one of the cutest couples I've met. The first time she introduced me to him not long after they met I thought they seemed perfect together. I love when I'm right about that. Well done Kristina.

Before we left I whispered something in her ear.

Look how funny I am! Proof. I whispered something about a special hug just so you know.

Apr 6, 2010

4 Months

Munchies is 4 months old today. This past month has really been a fun one. I was able to notice more changes in her this month than the previous months.

She giggles now and it is adorable, but she's picky about what's funny enough to elicit a giggle. When you find something that gets her going it's usually short lived and she wants some new material soon after.

She smiles more than ever. Unlike her giggles she is quite free with her smiles. She's always grinning it seems like. The alphabet song never fails to get at least a smile out of her, and often she will even giggle at it. It's the only thing so far that gets a repeat giggle except for when Tim dances her around the house singing to her, that one has been awarded more than one bout of giggles too.

She can roll over onto her back from her tummy, but she has only done it a few times. She still finds it tricky to figure out where to put her arm so it doesn't impede her roll. She can lift her head nice and high on her tummy so she's got some good neck and arm strength going.

She loves to sit.

She loves when I put my fingers out for her to grab and then pull her into a sitting position. She often reaches out and grabs my finger with one hand and then tries to pull herself up with one arm while pulling this hilarious face like showing how hard she's working. She can't lift herself at all with just the one arm though. I have to get her to grab the other finger and then help pull her up. Once she's sitting she can support herself holding my fingers easily. I can even pull her into a standing position now, which she loves, but that is hard work for her to maintain for very long.

She likes when we ride Howard.

She likes when I put a toy in her hand to play with.

She has figured out how to put her fingers in her mouth. She isn't a big thumb sucker but she likes to feel around her mouth with her fingers. It is very interesting stuff. She also comforts herself this way sometimes.

Or sometimes mama comforts her with the old over the shoulder maneuver. She loves this.

Tim likes to play airplane with her. She's not too sure about it yet, but she thinks it's pretty fun.

She got a visit from her aunt Sammy this month. It was hilarious to see Sammy do baby talk and Sammy was smitten with her good manners.

She had her 4 month check up today. Her length is actually average which surprised me. Her weight is only in the 5th percentile which is a little lower than it was at birth and her 2 month check up. The nurse practitioner said that wasn't a big deal though. She said studies show that being low in weight is actually healthier for babies than being too chubby. She said Zoey appears just fine and doesn't look too skinny at all, which is what I think too. Zoey got a couple of her vaccinations and now I'm waiting to see if she is going to run a fever from them. I've decided to spread her vaccinations out more than the typical schedule shows. For her 2/4/6 month check ups it takes me 3 visits to do her shots instead of doing them all in one visit.

I blinked and 4 months passed. I am so glad I am able stay home with her. I can't imagine how fast time would pass if I was working full time. I love being there to watch her grow and I know no one else would cheer like it's the NBA playoffs when she rolls over, feel total pleasure at seeing her smile, laugh like an idiot when she giggles or love her as much as I do. Happy 4 month birthday to the sweetest munchies ever.
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