Spring and Bob

Yesterday felt like spring. It was almost 50 out and the clouds finally went away. I took Zoey on a walk in the baby bjorn. Sometimes she loves to look out while we're walking and marvel at the world, yesterday she fell asleep though. We will have to try again today. I'm not sure I've mentioned Bob on my blog yet. Bob is our new best friend. Bob is this rad jogging stroller I got a few weeks ago. Technically it was mostly Tim's birthday present from my parents, thanks parents! He's got huge wheels and even shocks so as to provide a quite smooooth ride. He can be easily pushed through the park by my house. He is light as a feather and I can maneuver him over curbs like a dream. He has a cover for the winter that keeps it a good 10 degrees warmer inside and blocks the wind. He harnesses Zoey in for safe keeping. He's even got a storage space underneath for extra layers and water. I've gotten a system down and I'm able to take him along with the dogs jogging. Getting going is hectic but once we're jogging it seems to work just fine. So far Zoey usually gets lulled to sleep, but she definitely enjoys riding in Bob. Once Bob is on the move I've never heard a peep of a complaint out of her. I'm also glad that Bob is helping make my behind smaller. Yay for Bob!


  1. Go Bob and Tess! Amber said she wore flip flops today (in SLC at the U). I wore my coat.

  2. I'm glad Bob is still so popular.

  3. I've heard really good things about Bob, especially for running/jogging. I'm so glad to hear how well it's working out for you! :)


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