Silly Parents

Zoey seems to get more of a kick out of us if we act really foolish. Technically I'm not sure it's an act. Anyway, I think this video of Tim with Zoey is hilarious. She does blow a few raspberries, but he blows a whole lot more. I figure it's only fair to highlight him this time, considering I look foolish in all of the videos with me.

Tim got a giggle storm out of Zoey last night, but I didn't get it on camera. He actually looked very hip, he was beat boxing (is that right? Where you make rapping sounds with your mouth?) and dancing her around and she started laughing like crazy. So cute.


  1. lol I love how much spit is flying out of tim's mouth. He's really getting into it. And zoey really managed a couple impressive raspberries herself.

  2. That really IS spit-a-riffic! LOL! They are so cute together! :)


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