Pay Off Q and A

Q: How can you tell that your no dessert diet and exercise are paying off?

A: When jogging past a seven eleven a man standing out front holding a beer with his buddy begins to flail his arms wildly to flag you down, only to scream, "Hey! Did you take your dogs over to the dog park?" That was all he had, but he was determined to strike up a conversation somehow and simply didn't have the time to come up with anything else. Don't worry drunk man, your hard work will pay off one day. That particular attempt reminded me of this classic Seinfeld skit:

Men are not subtle, we are obvious. Women know what men want, men know what men want, what do we want? We want women, that's it! It's the only thing we know for sure, it really is: we want women. How do we get them? Oh, we don't know about that, we don't know. The next step after that we have no idea. This is why you see men honking car-horns, yelling from construction sites. These are the best ideas we've had so far...The car-horn-honk, is that a beauty? Have you seen men doing this? What is this? The man is in the car, the woman walks by the front of the car, he honks e-eeehh, eehhh, eehhh, this man is out of ideas. [imitates horn again] e-e-e-eeeehhhh, "I don't think she likes me" The amazing thing is, that we still get women, don't we. Men, I mean, men are with women. You see men with women. How are men getting women, many people wonder. Let me tell you a little bit about our organization. "Where ever women are?", we have a man working on the situation right now. Now, he may not be our best man, OK, we have a lot of areas to cover, but someone from our staff is on the scene. That's why, I think, men get frustrated, when we see women reading articles, like: "Where to meet men?". We're here, we are everywhere. We're honking our horns to serve you better.


  1. I've been trying to decide if I am sad that I am too old to get honked at any

  2. lol awesome. Yup, a drunken man's desperate attempt to hit on you is a sure sign that you're moving in the right direction.

  3. Rad! Though, I think he would have hit on you sober, while you were 9 months pregnant 'cuz you were one hot pregnant lady! Good job on your diet & exercise plan!!


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