Munchie Kins

Munchie Kins giggled for the first time a couple of days ago. It was at Tim, but I was right there to hear it too. Yesterday I got her to giggle again, but her giggles are far and few between at the moment. I'm excited for when they're frequent, it is so cute and funny.

She is starting to blow raspberries. They're mini raspberries though, just tiny little spitty noises but she really puckers up to do it and it's hilarious. It seemed like yesterday she was copying me when I did it.

She's doubled her birthweight now, weighing in at about 12 pounds.

She just started noticing her feet. I had her sitting in her boppy pillow and was watching her staring at her feet in awe as she commanded them to move.

She is also getting good at holding toys. She can't pick them up herself, but when I put one in her hand she will move it around and stare intently for up to 20 minutes at a time. I got some video of this amazing happening.

Another thing she does and has been doing for weeks now is thumping her feet. If she is laying on her back she will often lift her feet into the air and them thump them back down on the mattress. She seems pretty happy about this.

It is amazing to watch her develop and she is such a happy girl. I can almost always get a huge smile out of her just by grinning at her or making a coochie coo noise. I love watching her watch the world. She stares at everything and everyone with intense concentration. I can see the gears turning in her head when she does this. I enjoy being her mommy more every day.


  1. So cute. :) Can't wait to hear her giggle for myself.

  2. The child is obviously a GENIUS! What a doll, the first year is so amazing.

  3. She's so amazingly adorable, and definitely very smart too! I can't wait 'til you can get a video clip of her giggling. :)

  4. She's such a Q-tie pie. I also can't wait ot hear her giggle.

  5. Thanks for the compliments! Tim actually caught her on video giggling, now I just need to remind him to unload the video from his phone.


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