3 Months

My little munchkin is 3 months old today. Munchkin is my favorite nickname for her, I'm not sure how she's ever gonna know her real name.

This month she has gotten much better head control. She can hold it up herself just about all of the time. It will kinda fall forward onto her chest after awhile, but she just stares at whatever happens to be in her line of sight when that happens and doesn't seem to care. She seems really stoked about her head control and is moving it around more instead of just holding it up. The other day Tim and I were cracking up because she was whipping it back and forth looking at stuff with her eyes wide open having a blast.

She loves animal noises. She seems especially fond of my seal bark and chicken noises. Sadie does not like the seal bark one bit, but she is getting used to it. She also loves the mechanic game, which is where I make noises like she is on a lift at a repair shop and make them higher pitched and lift when she uses her legs, and a lowering noise and let her drop down when she stops pushing. Vvvveep vvveep vvveep! Like that.

She started sleeping about 9 hours fairly often. Just the past couple of nights she went only 6, but even so, that means only waking up once to feed her some of the time. And after I feed her at night I can usually just put her in her bassinet and she will look at her hands and keep herself entertained for a few minutes until she falls asleep.

She notices her hands all the time now and I'm convinced she is actually batting at things occasionally. Last week I saw her having a brain storm laying in her crib. She was staring intently at her hanging toy, then at her hand. Then she'd bring her hand slowly over to the toy until her hand ran into it. This would be followed by a look of surprise and excitement. Then, she'd slowly open her hand and grab onto the toy. She kept doing it over and over and she looked soooo intent on her work. That night she was doing the same thing with my finger. She definitely isn't consistent about it though, it's hit and miss.

I got a nursing pillow recently (why, why did I wait so long?? After getting one I realized the thing is amazing and so much easier than just using a pillow) and it doubles as a seat for her. She likes to sit in the pillow and hang out or be talked to.

I try to remember to put her on her tummy for at least five minutes a day. The past couple of days she has been figuring out how to do mini pushups and hold her head up. She even pushed up and rolled her head and shoulders over yesterday. If she just had figured out how to flip her leg over she would have rolled over onto her back. She was very close, I wouldn't be surprised if she figures that one out in the next few weeks.

She is such an easy baby. I don't have anything to compare to and wasn't sure if all babies were this easy or what. But, more and more experienced people are telling me I'm lucky. Tim and I left her with Laura and Laura's mom to go to Kristina's wedding and reception. After we got back Laura told me that her mom solemnly confided in her that she could simply not expect her baby to be like Zoey. She had 5 kids, and she said none of them were anywhere near as easy so Laura really needed to be aware that this was not what to expect. My heart swelled with pride. Although I think there is maybe some technique to it, it seems like mostly Zoey just has a really mellow temperament (well, that and no colic since obviously any baby in pain is gonna cry).

She is doing a lot more cooing. Still isn't all the time, sometimes a whole day will pass without much cooing. But, other days I'll get long stretches of talking out of her. I'm looking forward to hearing her laugh, that is going to be exciting.

Here is her 3 month pic with her bunny from mountain mama.

In comparison, here they are together not too long after she was born. She has grown so much already!


  1. That second picture is the best! What a cute little munchkin face.

  2. It's crazy...she seems so tiny still. It's hard to imagine that she was like half the size she is now when she was born. And yup. A total dream baby. That second picture is my favorite too. So cute. :)

  3. She's growing so fast and SO beautifully! Good job Tess & Tim! I still can't wait to meet her in person! :)


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