I'm thinking of blogging when I run across recipes I really like. Maybe someone will get some use out of them.

Half a cup of coffee+half a cup of milk+a bit of hazelnut creamer=warm deliciousness with less calories than my usual coffee+obscene amount of creamer. Another big plus is the coffee has a thin consistency this way. Normally Tim brews the coffee so thick it's practically syrup, then we add tons of creamer, which actually IS syrup, to make it taste good since neither of us actually enjoys the taste of solo coffee. The less caffeine is nice too, I hate getting overly dependent on coffee to feel awake in the morning. Then I can't get out of bed because I haven't had coffee, then I drink more coffee, and the vicious cycle begins. So far my home made latte is working well.

Chicken+sour cream+cream of mushroom soup+being in crock pot for 8 hours and served on rice=very easy dinner that I have yet to get sick of. Tim loves it too.


  1. YUM is right! I totally need a crock pot so I can try that chicken recipe out! *sigh* It's funny about coffee. Before Ryker was born, I pretty much NEVER drank coffee. Now that I'm tired 90% of the time, I pretty much have coffee every morning. Granted, it's not all thick 'n syrupy like what Tim makes, but it's still quite the departure from what I'm used to. Seeing as how I'm now somewhat dependent on coffee to function properly these days, I COMPLETELY applaud your efforts to manage your coffee habits!!

  2. The chicken recipe sounds great - but high in calories, I would guess.
    Thinning the coffee with milk works. But making weak coffee like I do would also work!


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