Two Months Old

Smiling is definitely the biggest change since month one. Zoey started smiling during week 6 and her smiles are getting more frequent. She is also making more cooing type noises and even squeals sometimes in excitement. It is really cool to be able to tell for sure what she likes. I knew she liked the tongue game before she started smiling, but now I can tell for sure. When I stick my tongue out while she is watching me her eyes drop down to my tongue and then she will raise her eyebrows, widen her eyes, breathe faster in excitement and often get huge smile. She sometimes tries to initiate the tongue game herself, and when I notice and stick my tongue out back at her she always grins. Seeing her smile when she sees me is probably my favorite thing about being a mom. It really melts me. I think laughing will follow soon. She makes sounds that I think are attempts at laughs when she is excited, but she hasn't quite nailed it yet.

Her head control is quite a bit better. She can hold her head by herself for a bit at a time. She still has a ways to go there before I won't always be on guard for her head flopping over.

She is about 10 pounds now. Heavy enough that lifting her from her bassinet when I'm in bed at night is almost impossible without leveraging her out with my forearms and ending up all bruised. I've started standing up to lift her out now.

She is alert for longer during the day. She is tall enough to face forward in the baby bjorn and see what is going on. She really seems to like watching the world while I do chores with her in the bjorn.

She loves watching tv even though I try not to let her. If it is on in the bedroom I'll often notice her craning her neck in strange ways in order to stare wide eyed at the tv. It always cracks me up.

She is getting very good at falling asleep on her own at night. We used to have to rock her before putting her in her bassinet, but now I'll just lay her down after I feed her. She hangs out kicking her feet and playing with her hands, making little cooing and grunting noises and then is usually asleep before I finish getting ready for bed. It is very nice.

She cracked me up when I was taking these pictures. She is really into staring at her hands lately, and staring at close objects in general. Here is is thinking, "Ooooh, my hand!"

Ooooh, a blankie!

Ooooh! My hand is back!!

OOoooh, a bunny! Hi bunny!

I didn't get many pictures of her looking at the camera. But, I figure that is ok because she looks so hilarious and cute staring in awe at her hands, blankie, and bunny.

The one good shot of her looking straight at the camera.

My hair is blonde now. Which is a story for another day.


  1. Zoey is looking exceptionally cute on her 2 month birthday. Can't wait to see her smile and hear all of her new noises.
    Zoey's mom is looking pretty stylin' with the blonde hair. That's a surprise!

  2. Wow! Zoey's really grown! It's so amazing how fast they grow and develop, isn't it? I LOVE all the new pictures! Oh man, I'm thinking I've been so slacking on the photo front! Better get crackin'!


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