Sleeping Breakthrough

About a week ago Zoey slept almost 9 hours. I thought it might've been a fluke, but she's done it every night except one since. Then she seems to like to go back to sleep for another 3 hours. She's also napping a lot less. Maybe for a few hours total and most of her naps are quick 20 or 30 minute power naps. Pretty awesome for me because if I were to get to sleep right after feeding her I wouldn't need to get any more sleep after her next feeding. Usually I slack off about it though and am up for awhile after and then end up catching another hour after she goes back to sleep. By the time it's hot enough outside that I need to get my run in early I'm thinking she will probably sleep long enough at a time that I can take my time getting to sleep and still get enough before feeding her. Zoey sure does like to take it easy on her mama. =)


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