Feb 28, 2010

No Dessert Fail

I'm having a tough time taking my no dessert diet seriously ever since Tim's birthday. It got really bad for a few days there after my parents were in town and bought some ice cream. I polished that bad boy off in in like 3 days. Awful. However, I did work out an hour each of those days plus sit ups. Now that the ice cream is gone I will find it easier to stick to no dessert. Except for when I get really desperate and mix together butter and brown sugar with a sprinkle of salt in the microwave for some ghetto caramel. Don't judge me. Have you tried it? You have to try before you judge. That's what I say anyway. Tim will disagree with you. Regardless of my not so great dieting habits, the weight still seems to be coming off. I've been keeping a chart of my weight and inches for 4 weeks now, and everything is consistently dropping slowly but surely. I've been losing about a pound a week. Gonna try to keep it up until I'm 5 pounds below my pre pregnancy weight since I was a bit plumper than I like at that time. 10 pounds to go.


  1. Well it seems pretty understandable that your no dessert willpower would be wavering...especially since you're still dropping the pounds. I'd say that you should feel free to enjoy dessert all you want until you start noticing some consequences.

  2. Oooh, muchas gracias for the Ghetto Caramel recipe...I'm trying it out just as soon as I finish typing this comment!

  3. Losing a pound a week is plenty. Maybe a touch of dessert now and then isn't so bad. At least you should allow yourself a real dessert (none of that ghetto stuff) once a week, don't you think?

  4. So Monica, how was the ghetto caramel??

  5. haha ghetto caramel.
    You are the one who introduced me to ghetto chocolate chip cookie dough.
    "All you need is flour, sugar, butter, and molasses.."


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