Happy Birthday Husband!

This past year with you has been full of life changing events. Well, namely getting pregnant and then having Zoey. It has been amazing seeing how great of a husband and father you are.

You came to every single prenatal visit voluntarily. You came to all of the birth classes and even got excited about going to them. Except for that one time when class was kinda boring so you kept doing things such as propping your cell phone up to the infant doll's ear or drawing additions to the pictures in the childbirth book and then cracking yourself up inappropriately. You cared deeply about making all of the right choices in how we wanted the birth to go, and you got very opinionated about the whole thing by the end. You were the best husband ever during labor and birth. You knew exactly how to make me feel better and how to help me. You still find ways to casually mention to people that I gave birth with no drugs. You're very proud and can't understand why others don't applaud me.

I can't imagine a better father. I know many dads aren't too involved until the baby gets to be a bit more interactive and older, but not you. Right from the start you loved holding her. You even took charge the first night in the hospital and stayed up with her so I could catch up on sleep. Even though the result was you looking like this, you still didn't want to stop holding her.

You rarely get frustrated with Zoey and even change her diapers often. You confide in me how amazing and perfect she is at least 10 times a day. I eat it up of course because I feel the same way, and can't help but mention it to you 10 times a day as well. You sit Zoey in your lap and read her stories.

At Zoey's first pediatrician appointment you demanded to know if the pediatrician had washed his hands. It warmed my heart that you have become a germaphobe like me where Zoey is concerned. You miss Zoey when you have to go to a job site for the day. Just yesterday you came upstairs during your workday to grab coffee and couldn't help but hold Zoey for a quick couple of minutes even though you're slammed with things to get done. You then regretfully handed her back to me and said, "You can bring her down in her bouncy chair if you need to work out..." It was very sweet because I know what you meant was, "I miss my girl. Please bring her down in her bouncy chair so I can look over and see her often. Quit hogging her."

Pretty much you're my dream husband. Love you!


  1. Oh wow, this totally brought tears to my eyes because, you're right. There are so many other dads out there who aren't so involved (I won't mention any names, but I think we know who I'm talking about). You are SO LUCKY to have Tim, and it's so awesome of you to acknowledge it in this way. You two are such awesome parents and I'm so happy for you that you have such a beautiful, healthy little girl! :)


  2. Thanks Baby. That was a sweet post. You are awesome. That's a perfect gift for me to read this. I feel the same way about you as a mother and a wife as well Love ya!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Alexis!

  3. Seeing Tim with Zoey warms my heart. He's a great dad. Zoey is lucky to have such great parents.
    Happy birthday to Tim!

  4. Awww...so cute. Yup, this got me welling up too. Little Zoey sure is lucky to have such a great daddy. And mommy, really. Actually, you all lucked out, seeing as how you're all pretty freaking awesome.

  5. I was dazzled by your unabashed mushiness.

    It's such a wonderful stage in life, to be in love, to have a new baby, to become a family, awesome in all aspects. Happy Birthday, Happy Valentine's Day and Congratulations!


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