The Ever Mystifying Hand

I saw Zoey find her hand last night. It was the funniest thing. She noticed it pass by her face and her eyes locked right on to it. At first I wasn't sure she was really staring at her hand, but then she began slowly moving it towards and then away from her face, eyes trained on it in wonder the whole time. She definitely has the idea that she controls this mystifying object, but she isn't quite sure how to do it well. It reminds me of when I have looked at the back of my head through two mirrors and try to move my hands to do my hair and everything is reversed so I'm all inept and can't figure out how to make the simplest movements. I looked up when babies normally start noticing their hands and online it says around 3 months. Tim and I then exchanged knowing looks, yes, we suspected she was a genius already, this just confirms it. =)


  1. Quite obviously, Zoey is highly gifted! Funny description of the hand discovery.

  2. lol that's so cute. And of COURSE she's a genius!

  3. Very awesome moment indeed! How freaking cute! :)


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