Am I there yet?

Weight loss is sure slow. I do think the no dessert diet is working, but I'm not a very patient person. I am glad that it seems like my abs have finally mostly come together. I don't have as much of a pot belly thing going on as I did, but I'm still just a lot thicker everywhere than I want to be. Note my belly in the pic above still isn't quite flat, but getting closer. I decided to make myself a chart where I'll keep track by week of my weight, and also my hip/waist measurements. Weight alone fluctuates a lot and I can't seem to tell for sure how much it's dropping. I did see 115 on the scale today though, which is the lowest I've seen since I've started my diet. I am going to take a no dessert break on Tuesday because it's Tim's birthday. I decided if I could go from January 20th until then successfully with no dessert I would reward myself with as much cake as I want just for one day. I'm thinking that if say I ate 3,000 calories over the course of a week, well then they'd all get absorbed. But, if I slammed 'em all down in one day, my body probably couldn't pack them all on. My dad says my logic is faulty and apparently by body will absorb every single calorie. He did concede that in the event I ate so much cake that I had explosive diarrhea afterward that they would not in that case likely all be absorbed. I guess my point is, I sure hope I have explosive diarrhea on Tuesday. I figured it would sound strange to lead with that though, so that's why the long explanation. Because obviously I make perfect sense. Laura says I should just take a laxative. I have to say, it would be easier, but it seems wrong. I'm not sure why inducing explosive diarrhea by eating 3,000 calories of sugar sounds better, but there you have it. Big plans for Tuesday.


  1. I laughed all through the explosive diarrhea commentary. I wouldn't ordinarily think of that subject as funny, but somehow, here, it is...

  2. Well, I'm just saying...if you're trying to induce explosive diarrhea, you may as well just be honest with yourself and whip out the stool softener. BUT I'm in no way condoning the use of laxatives as a means of controlling one's weight. Just to make that clear. I love that picture of you by the way. You look just fantastic.

  3. I personally think you look great! And explosive diarrhea is not the picnic that most people make it out to be! Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything. Oh, and Laura may not have considered the rammifications of taking a laxative to induce said explosive diarrhea because, speaking as someone who was directed to take a stool softener with laxative in it, it can upset your baby's tummy and give her the runs too! But I digress... eat lots of cake and cross your fingers! :)


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