The Adventures of my hair

I didn't do anything with my hair the whole time I was pregnant because I was paranoid about it. Even though from everything I've read it should be okay. I finally decided it was time for some sprucing up, with Laura's help. She is pretty pro at doing hair and always does a bang up job on mine. I think I look best with either dark brown hair or medium blonde hair and I keep alternating between the two. Dark brown is tough to maintain for me, because it always washes out to a boring dull color within a couple of weeks. Plus, recently I've noticed a few grey hairs showing up. This time I'm thinking I'll keep the same color for a good long time. Of course, I always think that right after I make a color change. This is fairly close to my natural dirty blonde, just a little bit blonder to spice it up. Since it isn't too far off it should be really easy to maintain. The one problem is the roots ended up kinda orange as you can see here.

But, they make purple shampoo to counteract that which I'll try using.

Here are a couple more of the pics taken at the same time. During pregnancy and up until just recently my face looked different and less appealing to me. I developed a double chin and my jawline and nose looked less defined. I'm feel like I look like myself again and it's refreshing. I can now admit that I photoshopped out a double chin a few times over the course of pregnancy. Happily, that is not necessary anymore.


  1. Yes, the hair looks spicy and pretty cool, and your figure is looking rather svelte, too.

  2. I LOVE your new hair color and I LOVE those pics of you! Very, very beautiful lady! :)


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