Feb 28, 2010

No Dessert Fail

I'm having a tough time taking my no dessert diet seriously ever since Tim's birthday. It got really bad for a few days there after my parents were in town and bought some ice cream. I polished that bad boy off in in like 3 days. Awful. However, I did work out an hour each of those days plus sit ups. Now that the ice cream is gone I will find it easier to stick to no dessert. Except for when I get really desperate and mix together butter and brown sugar with a sprinkle of salt in the microwave for some ghetto caramel. Don't judge me. Have you tried it? You have to try before you judge. That's what I say anyway. Tim will disagree with you. Regardless of my not so great dieting habits, the weight still seems to be coming off. I've been keeping a chart of my weight and inches for 4 weeks now, and everything is consistently dropping slowly but surely. I've been losing about a pound a week. Gonna try to keep it up until I'm 5 pounds below my pre pregnancy weight since I was a bit plumper than I like at that time. 10 pounds to go.

Feb 26, 2010

Sleeping Breakthrough

About a week ago Zoey slept almost 9 hours. I thought it might've been a fluke, but she's done it every night except one since. Then she seems to like to go back to sleep for another 3 hours. She's also napping a lot less. Maybe for a few hours total and most of her naps are quick 20 or 30 minute power naps. Pretty awesome for me because if I were to get to sleep right after feeding her I wouldn't need to get any more sleep after her next feeding. Usually I slack off about it though and am up for awhile after and then end up catching another hour after she goes back to sleep. By the time it's hot enough outside that I need to get my run in early I'm thinking she will probably sleep long enough at a time that I can take my time getting to sleep and still get enough before feeding her. Zoey sure does like to take it easy on her mama. =)

Feb 16, 2010

Tim's Birthday

Tim's birthday went well. My parents happened to be in town, so they were able to watch Zoey for a few hours while we went out and saw Avatar Imax style. Zoey was pretty thrilled by Grandma.

I thought it was really good, but I have to agree with Laura, it's Fern Gully. Which makes it a tiny bit less admirable. I was thoroughly entertained though and that's what matters. I'd never been to an Imax theater before, and it was cool.

Then there was cake! Actually, to be honest, there was cake the previous night. I had been on my no dessert diet I was just dying after coming into possession of cake. I lost control and made it right away. I'm a professional.

Isn't it splendid? I started by decorating with flowers. Then I realized the cake wasn't looking very manly. I thought I'd better add some other elements. I added a hammer, a football, a car, a screwdriver, a boot, a few washers, a wrench and a nail. If this cake isn't manly then I just don't know what is.

The cake eating went better than I thought it would. I gave myself permission to wolf down however much I wanted, but I found I was done after a piece and a half. The frosting tasted concentrated and overpowering. I found myself not wanting more frosting per bite. That is unheard of for me. Since I did so well I proceeded to allow myself a piece a day for 4 whole days. It was glorious. Now I'm back to no dessert for at least another couple of weeks I figure. Things are looking good with the weight loss and I'm excited enough about that not to mind no dessert so much. I'm down 3-4 pounds in just a few weeks. Hopefully I can keep it up so I can get back to eating dessert regularly.

Feb 14, 2010

Feb 13, 2010

Beef Stew Pot Roast Hybrid

I started making pot roast in my crock pot a few months ago, but a few weeks ago I found myself without the requisite onion soup and added beef stew flavoring instead. The next time I made it I found that I couldn't decide whether to add the beef stew flavoring or the onion soup flavoring so I added both. It was delicious and I will never go back to just one or the other. Here's what you do. Place a large hunk of beef in the old crock pot. Add roughly 5 cups of water, 3/4 cups flour, one onion soup packet, one beef stew flavoring packet, a few cut up potatoes and a bag of baby carrots. Cook on low for 10 hours. I usually wing it on exact measurements and as someone who regularly screws up recipes, I can confidently say, this one is tough to screw up. Unless you severely undercook the beef and give everyone food poisoning. That's the one thing you'll not want to wing.

Feb 11, 2010

The Adventures of my hair

I didn't do anything with my hair the whole time I was pregnant because I was paranoid about it. Even though from everything I've read it should be okay. I finally decided it was time for some sprucing up, with Laura's help. She is pretty pro at doing hair and always does a bang up job on mine. I think I look best with either dark brown hair or medium blonde hair and I keep alternating between the two. Dark brown is tough to maintain for me, because it always washes out to a boring dull color within a couple of weeks. Plus, recently I've noticed a few grey hairs showing up. This time I'm thinking I'll keep the same color for a good long time. Of course, I always think that right after I make a color change. This is fairly close to my natural dirty blonde, just a little bit blonder to spice it up. Since it isn't too far off it should be really easy to maintain. The one problem is the roots ended up kinda orange as you can see here.

But, they make purple shampoo to counteract that which I'll try using.

Here are a couple more of the pics taken at the same time. During pregnancy and up until just recently my face looked different and less appealing to me. I developed a double chin and my jawline and nose looked less defined. I'm feel like I look like myself again and it's refreshing. I can now admit that I photoshopped out a double chin a few times over the course of pregnancy. Happily, that is not necessary anymore.

Feb 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Husband!

This past year with you has been full of life changing events. Well, namely getting pregnant and then having Zoey. It has been amazing seeing how great of a husband and father you are.

You came to every single prenatal visit voluntarily. You came to all of the birth classes and even got excited about going to them. Except for that one time when class was kinda boring so you kept doing things such as propping your cell phone up to the infant doll's ear or drawing additions to the pictures in the childbirth book and then cracking yourself up inappropriately. You cared deeply about making all of the right choices in how we wanted the birth to go, and you got very opinionated about the whole thing by the end. You were the best husband ever during labor and birth. You knew exactly how to make me feel better and how to help me. You still find ways to casually mention to people that I gave birth with no drugs. You're very proud and can't understand why others don't applaud me.

I can't imagine a better father. I know many dads aren't too involved until the baby gets to be a bit more interactive and older, but not you. Right from the start you loved holding her. You even took charge the first night in the hospital and stayed up with her so I could catch up on sleep. Even though the result was you looking like this, you still didn't want to stop holding her.

You rarely get frustrated with Zoey and even change her diapers often. You confide in me how amazing and perfect she is at least 10 times a day. I eat it up of course because I feel the same way, and can't help but mention it to you 10 times a day as well. You sit Zoey in your lap and read her stories.

At Zoey's first pediatrician appointment you demanded to know if the pediatrician had washed his hands. It warmed my heart that you have become a germaphobe like me where Zoey is concerned. You miss Zoey when you have to go to a job site for the day. Just yesterday you came upstairs during your workday to grab coffee and couldn't help but hold Zoey for a quick couple of minutes even though you're slammed with things to get done. You then regretfully handed her back to me and said, "You can bring her down in her bouncy chair if you need to work out..." It was very sweet because I know what you meant was, "I miss my girl. Please bring her down in her bouncy chair so I can look over and see her often. Quit hogging her."

Pretty much you're my dream husband. Love you!

Feb 7, 2010

Am I there yet?

Weight loss is sure slow. I do think the no dessert diet is working, but I'm not a very patient person. I am glad that it seems like my abs have finally mostly come together. I don't have as much of a pot belly thing going on as I did, but I'm still just a lot thicker everywhere than I want to be. Note my belly in the pic above still isn't quite flat, but getting closer. I decided to make myself a chart where I'll keep track by week of my weight, and also my hip/waist measurements. Weight alone fluctuates a lot and I can't seem to tell for sure how much it's dropping. I did see 115 on the scale today though, which is the lowest I've seen since I've started my diet. I am going to take a no dessert break on Tuesday because it's Tim's birthday. I decided if I could go from January 20th until then successfully with no dessert I would reward myself with as much cake as I want just for one day. I'm thinking that if say I ate 3,000 calories over the course of a week, well then they'd all get absorbed. But, if I slammed 'em all down in one day, my body probably couldn't pack them all on. My dad says my logic is faulty and apparently by body will absorb every single calorie. He did concede that in the event I ate so much cake that I had explosive diarrhea afterward that they would not in that case likely all be absorbed. I guess my point is, I sure hope I have explosive diarrhea on Tuesday. I figured it would sound strange to lead with that though, so that's why the long explanation. Because obviously I make perfect sense. Laura says I should just take a laxative. I have to say, it would be easier, but it seems wrong. I'm not sure why inducing explosive diarrhea by eating 3,000 calories of sugar sounds better, but there you have it. Big plans for Tuesday.

Feb 6, 2010

Two Months Old

Smiling is definitely the biggest change since month one. Zoey started smiling during week 6 and her smiles are getting more frequent. She is also making more cooing type noises and even squeals sometimes in excitement. It is really cool to be able to tell for sure what she likes. I knew she liked the tongue game before she started smiling, but now I can tell for sure. When I stick my tongue out while she is watching me her eyes drop down to my tongue and then she will raise her eyebrows, widen her eyes, breathe faster in excitement and often get huge smile. She sometimes tries to initiate the tongue game herself, and when I notice and stick my tongue out back at her she always grins. Seeing her smile when she sees me is probably my favorite thing about being a mom. It really melts me. I think laughing will follow soon. She makes sounds that I think are attempts at laughs when she is excited, but she hasn't quite nailed it yet.

Her head control is quite a bit better. She can hold her head by herself for a bit at a time. She still has a ways to go there before I won't always be on guard for her head flopping over.

She is about 10 pounds now. Heavy enough that lifting her from her bassinet when I'm in bed at night is almost impossible without leveraging her out with my forearms and ending up all bruised. I've started standing up to lift her out now.

She is alert for longer during the day. She is tall enough to face forward in the baby bjorn and see what is going on. She really seems to like watching the world while I do chores with her in the bjorn.

She loves watching tv even though I try not to let her. If it is on in the bedroom I'll often notice her craning her neck in strange ways in order to stare wide eyed at the tv. It always cracks me up.

She is getting very good at falling asleep on her own at night. We used to have to rock her before putting her in her bassinet, but now I'll just lay her down after I feed her. She hangs out kicking her feet and playing with her hands, making little cooing and grunting noises and then is usually asleep before I finish getting ready for bed. It is very nice.

She cracked me up when I was taking these pictures. She is really into staring at her hands lately, and staring at close objects in general. Here is is thinking, "Ooooh, my hand!"

Ooooh, a blankie!

Ooooh! My hand is back!!

OOoooh, a bunny! Hi bunny!

I didn't get many pictures of her looking at the camera. But, I figure that is ok because she looks so hilarious and cute staring in awe at her hands, blankie, and bunny.

The one good shot of her looking straight at the camera.

My hair is blonde now. Which is a story for another day.

Feb 2, 2010


Zoey is smiling fairly often now. She's still selective enough about it that I'm totally thrilled each time she does it. Her face lights up and it's very exciting to be the target of her smile. I haven't gotten a picture yet of her huge smile, but I did get a medium smile which will have to do for now. It's tricky because each time I put the camera in front of her I can't get her attention to get her to smile because she becomes enchanted by the camera instantly. Something about that lens is very intriguing!


I'm thinking of blogging when I run across recipes I really like. Maybe someone will get some use out of them.

Half a cup of coffee+half a cup of milk+a bit of hazelnut creamer=warm deliciousness with less calories than my usual coffee+obscene amount of creamer. Another big plus is the coffee has a thin consistency this way. Normally Tim brews the coffee so thick it's practically syrup, then we add tons of creamer, which actually IS syrup, to make it taste good since neither of us actually enjoys the taste of solo coffee. The less caffeine is nice too, I hate getting overly dependent on coffee to feel awake in the morning. Then I can't get out of bed because I haven't had coffee, then I drink more coffee, and the vicious cycle begins. So far my home made latte is working well.

Chicken+sour cream+cream of mushroom soup+being in crock pot for 8 hours and served on rice=very easy dinner that I have yet to get sick of. Tim loves it too.

Feb 1, 2010

The Ever Mystifying Hand

I saw Zoey find her hand last night. It was the funniest thing. She noticed it pass by her face and her eyes locked right on to it. At first I wasn't sure she was really staring at her hand, but then she began slowly moving it towards and then away from her face, eyes trained on it in wonder the whole time. She definitely has the idea that she controls this mystifying object, but she isn't quite sure how to do it well. It reminds me of when I have looked at the back of my head through two mirrors and try to move my hands to do my hair and everything is reversed so I'm all inept and can't figure out how to make the simplest movements. I looked up when babies normally start noticing their hands and online it says around 3 months. Tim and I then exchanged knowing looks, yes, we suspected she was a genius already, this just confirms it. =)
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