Jan 18, 2010

The Tongue Game

Zoey has a new favorite game. She still loves her game where she stares at the dot pattern on the inside of her bassinet, but she seems to like her new game even more. The new game is copying me when I stick my tongue out. My mom and brother claimed she did this a couple of weeks ago, but I never was able to get her to do it often or right after I did it, so I don't really think it was intentional at that point. Now though, if she is in an alert mood and I stick my tongue out she stares down at my tongue. Then she starts wiggling and breathing harder and seems in general to be very excited about the prospect of playing the game. Usually pretty quickly she will start to pucker her lips and stick out her tongue in a point just like I do. It's so adorable. I know I'm easily impressed and entertained by her, but I love that she's really copying me and that she seems to enjoy it just as much as I do. I got a video of her playing. Beware, the video sucks. I wasn't patient enough to properly edit it in windows movie maker because the program keeps freezing. So, instead of one small clip you have a longer one, but the action is mostly at the very beginning.


  1. As we are fond of saying around here, "Simple pleasures for simple minds."

    Just kidding, of course, anything she does that is interactive with you is wonderful! Truly, I mean that.

    I met a six week old today with big blue eyes and thought of Zoey.

  2. Aw, very cute. She's trying so hard to do what Mommy does. At the end, she got a little frustrated. She'll be cooing soon.

  3. So cute. :) The video seems pretty action packed the whole way through to me. Did you edit it since writing this post?

  4. Nope, I didn't edit it more. It was just a little repetitive. I intended to just post her doing it a couple of times, but windows movie maker is crappy.

  5. Awesomeness :) It'll be fun to see how she plays the tongue game in one month. You'll have to post another video then...


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