Sick Baby

Zoey is doing better now, but her stomach was acting up for a few days. She kept throwing up huge amounts, like enough that I was very surprised her stomach could even hold that much. At first I figured it was a one time thing, but then she did it again several times so after it had been more than 24 hours I called my pediatrician and explained to the nurse that she was throwing up her whole meal and more and had been doing it frequently for over 24 hours. The nurse was like, oh, jeez, no biggie, why don't you check back with us in a week. Which is obviously ridiculous since she wasn't getting any water at all and clearly couldn't go on a whole week like that. There is one thing in particular called pyloric stenosis that manifests around her age that I was concerned she could have. It's where a valve between the stomach and small intestine is too tight and not much can get through causing it all to be thrown up. Babies who have it need to get an IV until they can get surgery. I called and consulted with my dad who thought the nurses advice was negligent as well and recommended we take her to the hospital to have her checked out. She was negative for pyloric stenosis and also for a UTI, which mostly just leaves stomach virus on the list. She was able to hold down sugar water in small amounts and then I've been able to get her gradually back up to almost a full milk feeding. She's only spit up amounts within the realm of normal since then. It is terrifying to watch your baby throw up a puddle bigger than she is. I'm so relieved she is doing better.


  1. I'm relieved that she's doing better, too. When she's older and more durable, it'll be a little less scary when she get sick -- although I must admit, a mom never completely gives up worrying about her babies, even when they're grown up.

  2. Ohhhh that's gotta be scary. Ryker hasn't gotten much more than a mild cold since he's been born, but still...we've had other concerns with him. It's scary since they're so small and rely completely on you to take care of them. I'm so glad that Zoey's doing better.


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