One Month Old

During this one month Zoey has made a lot of changes and I have learned so much about her.

She can now sort of hold her head up. She can lift it up and hold it on her own for short periods of time. It does still fall over a little if not supported, but not nearly as often. She will sleep for five hours during the night from the end of one feeding to the start of the next. She follows things with her eyes well. She can't figure out quite how to use them, but she moves her hands around much more than she did, and will grab my hair or other things in reach. She will put her hand up against her binky as if to hold it in, or put a hand over her eyes like she is blocking the light. She stays awake for longer at a time, she can stay awake for as much as 3-4 hours these days. She is starting to fall into a schedule. She is usually awake after I wake up and feed her until her next feeding. After that she'll sleep for several hours. Then she will be awake again in the evening until bed. Some nights she is awake later than is ideal, but that's my fault for not working harder to keep her awake during the day. On days when I keep her awake more she goes to sleep a lot earlier.

She does so many things that make me melt. When she is waking up after a deep sleep she has this whole routine of squirming, arching her back and stretching. It will go on for a good five minutes sometimes. The way she purses her lips and raises her eyebrows to show me that she has had enough and is done eating is adorable. I've learned her wet diaper cry, its a soft but consistent complaint that ends right when she gets changed. She loves the toy that is hanging from the side of her bassinet. She stares at it with such curiosity and loves the songs that it plays. She likes to try to push up with her legs, and if I lift her up with her push she gets a look of amazement on her face. Her look of amazement makes the list all on its own, she is amazed often. After a big yawn when her mouth comes together again she presses her lips together and makes a small, and very ladylike of course, contented snort. When she is swaddled but not tired she likes to kick her legs up into the air. It is so funny to watch her all tiny and wrapped up, huge eyes wide open, kicking her feet gleefully. Maybe the cutest of all is her smile. She doesn't smile in response to anything in particular yet, but when she does smile it is the sweetest. Mostly she smiles when she is drifting off to sleep, we watch her face closely at these times because her smile never fails to captivate us. She has such a range of expressions, I love watching them all pass over her cute 'lil face.

Month two is going to be exciting. She should start smiling on purpose this month, which is probably the thing I'm looking forward to the most. I just can't wait to actually know for sure what she likes. Her sleeping a little longer will be great. Hearing her start to make cooing noises is going to be awesome. I'm not really sure what else to expect, but do I know I'm going to be blown away by every tiny thing she does.


  1. Clearly, you're in love. Me, too. I can hardly wait to see Zoey again in a couple of weeks. Sounds like she's making progress every day, as she should be.

  2. I think the word is besotted! I'm loving every vicarious minute of this.....

  3. I love hearing how much people fall in love with their little newborns. And you are quite right about her smiling soon. My kids started between 6 & 8 weeks, so have the camera ready! It makes such a difference, and creates an even bigger bond between the two of you!

  4. Oh Tess! I absolutely LOVE reading about Zoey's changes. It really IS enthralling to see how fast they develop. Month two is gonna be awesome, just like you expect. RAPID growth! Ryker hit major growth spurts, he now smiles in response to people, and the cooing is completely adorable. He squirms so much and loves his little jungle gym:
    It sounds like Zoey's got great visual acuity. That's AWESOME! We're paying attention to Ryker's because it seems he's a bit behind in that area. He's up to par with everything else though, so that's good. Oh man, this is such a long comment, but I'm so excited for you guys and the next few months! And Zoey is gettin' cuter & cuter. She looks so much like you, Tess. There's a little bit of Tim there too, but mostly you, I think. :)

  5. She is so adorable! Enjoy every minute. it goes by so fast.

  6. cute. I was just realizing today that I hadn't actually heard all that many cute little specifics about Zoey...probably because every time I mean to ask for them, I get distracted by...well. Just about everything. Anyway, I loved reading this. I can't wait to get to know her better too. :)


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