The No Dessert Diet

I went to see my midwife for my 6 week post partum check up and got some news from the scale there that I wasn't thrilled about. I had been to see her about a month ago after I got mastitis and the scale read exactly the same then. I decided I needed to do more than just add some jogging to my routine, I need to actually *shudders in horror* quit eating dessert all the time. I'm downright awful about it. I regularly eat a full meal of dessert almost every day. Then the sugar doesn't last me all that long and I end up eating the meal still a little later. Since I'm unable to modify my dessert intake I've put myself on the no dessert diet. I've been on it since Wednesday morning. I get to eat whatever else I want, but no dessert, and that includes the sugary children's cereal that sadly, is Tim and I's staple. (Is that correct grammar, I's?) I bought some high fiber cereal without much flavor and bought a huge container of raisins to liberally sprinkle on to make it tasty. I bought a bunch of apples and bananas. I'm actually a little shocked to say, I have had no dessert this whole time! It's a record. Even with the bag of cookie mix taunting me in my kitchen. I have foiled it every time. It even seems like the longer I go without dessert, the easier it gets to not have it because I know I've gone this long so I can't screw it up now. I'll probably work something out eventually where I get dessert one day a week or something, but I'm determined not to until I see some results on the dreaded scale. Speaking of which, I ordered one that consumer reports says is within one pound 99% of the time. I'm motivated. Also, I just had a big cup of coffee. Still, I'd say I'm regularly at least 75% this motivated. *Enthusiastically flips dessert the bird*


  1. Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor. Your yummy spot will have to shrink a little, I'm afraid...

  2. Well, I haven't actually seen you in person since before you had Zoey. But the pics you've posted make it look like the pounds are dropping off rather quickly. I don't know what your goal is though, and so it's not really for me to say you should feel comfortable. I mean, I haven't been on a scale since my 6 week checkup, so I honestly don't have a clue what I weight. I just look in the mirror and say to myself "I'll be happy with how I look as soon as my skin sticks to my body more." It WILL do that, won't it?!
    Anyway, it's been working for my self-image. Oh, so does wearing black. It really IS slimming! And the fact that your boobs are bigger than they were pre-pregnancy helps too. But I digress! The point is, I think you looked great in the most recent pics and I think you'll continue to look great. Just go easy on yourself and, yes, treat yourself to one dessert a week. :)


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