Labor and Birth Video

After I posted the no vagass video I started looking through the rest of the video and got in the mood to put it together. Don't worry, there isn't footage of the actual birth. I didn't even include the video of the placenta, even though I DO have footage of that. Tim was really impressed by the placenta. It was a real monster. One thing I'd like to point out is that I know foiled is not spelled folied. But, I didn't notice the typo until I was all done with the video so I thought it would be best to just let it ride. Technically, I guess folied might mean I had been catheterized with a foley catheter. And then I could've been like, "Damn, folied again!" I think people probably do say that. I sure would and plan to next time it happens. It just doesn't seem believable in the context that I had just been catheterized. I just don't think my audience will buy that. Well, you be the judge.


  1. "Folied" again is a bit of a mystery, but otherwise your video arrangement is very well done.

  2. you and tim are so cute together that you made an even cuter baby.


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