Howie is going to call Doggie Protective Services...

If he can figure out how to operate the phone that is. Not that I beat him, but he is unfortunately under the impression that I do. He injured himself somehow and when he is touched on that area he whimpers. He can run around fine, and I can't feel a swollen area or find a cut, so I think it must be a bruise. When he bumps into anything and hurts himself if Tim or I are nearby he gives us this injured look, tucks his tail between his legs, and slinks away. He clearly thinks that he is being abused. It's also in his nature to think that if it's happening, he must deserve it. It's very sad. No amount of comforting convinces him that he has not just been beaten. He is convinced that he did something wrong, was beaten, and now I'm trying to make up for it. I'm giving him lots of extra love, but I really hope his bruise heals fast for the sake of his mental well being.


  1. Poor Howie. He could benefit from psychotherapy after suffering such abuse. Daisy could offer treatment. She could teach him to chase cats and forget his troubles.

  2. Oh...I didn't realize the severity of the situation when you were telling me about it yesterday. Poor little boy. He really doesn't deserve all this trauma you're clearly inflicting on him. At least there were no nasty bookcases or large walls with sharp corners at the park yesterday for you to use against him.


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