Jan 10, 2010

Classic (updated)

Tim took a some video footage of my labor and the time right after birth. He's still planning to make a video from it, but that will be quite a project. Anyway, this little snippet is hilarious and I felt it must be shared sooner rather than later.


If you had a hard time understanding the dialogue it's me saying, "I don't have a vagass*!!" and my mom thinking, "What? Uhh, oh, no vagass. Hmm... what is the appropriate response here?" and finally deciding on one that she thinks may work, "Good!" Her tone here really cracks me up. The other hilarious thing about this is it is the first moment I saw my mom after birth. Zoey was on my chest, healthy and gorgeous, and this is what I felt was priority over anything else to share with my mom.

* Vagass: Word that I made up. Or maybe Laura made it up. Either which way, its a hybrid of the words vagina and ass. It's where they merge into one orifice due to severe tearing during childbirth. It was something I was terrified about before birth.


  1. I thought your mom's response was totally awesome. I was a little off-balance from your comment, I'll admit. I was expecting something about the baby!

  2. Okay, so I'm not "hip" to this new lingo that you youngsters have these days. What exactly is a "vagass"? Either way, your mom's response was pretty funny. :)

  3. Haha, your mom's so cute. And it seems like a perfectly applicable comment for you to make, since everyone could see for themselves how adorable zoey was but they may not have had the best view to determine whether or not you were stricken with vagass.

  4. Your mom looks so happy and silly me, I thought it was because she just got a new granddaughter, but it's because she was so relieved you don't have a VAGASS!

  5. Oh man, Laura's comment is cracking me up! She's right, your comment was perfectly applicable at that moment. And your voice, so exhausted yet so earnest in relating this important piece of information. Hilarious.

  6. Yes, Laura, after thinking it over I realized just what you said, Zoey was clearly okay and cute, but as you said, my mom had no way of knowing weather I had been stricken. And Monica, you're right, I do sound particularly earnest, don't I?


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