Christmas and New Years Festivities

I had company during the holidays. My brother came into town from Seattle and my parents came over too. Near the end of the visit my brother's girlfriend came into town and I got to meet her for the first time. I really liked her and she was fun to have over. She's a bit of a bridge expert and has been getting my brother into the game lately. They taught Tim and I to play and even my dad who normally isn't a big fan of games played with us. I'm looking forward to joining a bridge club in my old age. Now Tim needs to pick up racket ball and we'll be all set.

I wasn't able to hang out as much as I normally would since it still is taking up to 12 hours to get enough sleep and then I need to do feedings throughout the day. I don't have the hang of using the wrap boob hider things while feeding yet. Probably because I'm using nipple shields, they really make feeling more complicated. But, better than the alternative which involved blisters and large black bruises and, oh yeah, 103.5 fever and mastitis. Much better. Still, I want to quit using them at some point so that feeding will be more simple.

I got to go cross country skiing with everyone twice up Millcreek Canyon while Grandma watched Zoey. The puppies had so much fun, poor puppies have been a little short on exercise since Zoey was born.

My mom took care of all of the cooking and Tim and I ate a lot better than we normally do, and that includes pre-baby. The pie, fudge, and other goodies probably didn't do me a lot of favors on my quest to lose 15 pounds, but I'm ready to hit that hard now.

We sang Christmas carols as usual, a little ghetto style but that's okay. When we're at my parent's house for Christmas my mom plays the carols on the piano and we all sing along. When we're at my house for Christmas, we pull up this really ghetto Christmas karaoke website and sing along to that. Everything on that site is mismatched, sometimes songs have intros, sometimes they don't. Sometimes the music lasts long enough to sing the lyrics, sometimes it doesn't or else it lasts way too long after you're done singing. It's pretty awesome is basically what I'm getting at.

Zoey got gifts from Eric, my parents, and Tim's parents. Sadly, we didn't get her anything. I guess she did get a whole bunch of clothes and all of her baby stuff right before Christmas though so I figure that works.

I guess the title of this post is a little misleading, in that it implies there were New Years festivities. I should probably apologize for making this post seem so exciting. In reality, there were no New Years festivities. What really happened was I went to bed before midnight. Except for Zoey decided she was not about to miss her first New Years and stayed up until after 1, party girl that she is. That about sums up the evening.

Now that our company is gone, it's time for me to work a little harder on getting Zoey into a schedule. I find that when I'm good about waking her up often for feedings during the day and I do her last feeding around the same time each night she tends to sleep really well at night. I wasn't the greatest at consistency with company around, but still she was starting to sleep more like 5 hours between feedings some nights. I'm thinking if I get her into a schedule she'll be sleeping most of the night very soon. Fingers crossed!


  1. It was all fun, even the ghetto Christmas carols! Hope little Zoey decides to be less of a night owl partier soon and settles in for long winter night snoozes. I'm sure her mom and dad would appreciate the rest.


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