Christmas and Happenings

My brother, his girlfriend, and my parents were in town for about a week. We went on lots of walks*, played Bananagrams and Trivial Pursuit, sang Christmas carols on Christmas Eve:

 Ate lots of delicious food and desserts courtesy of my mom, had endless good conversation, had many laughs, watched a couple of movies, and opened presents, naturally.

Kins liked the train set she got from Grandma and Grandpa, but I think Zeus liked it best of all. Every time he hears it start up he runs into the room to swat at it.

Kins hogged all of the photo taking action during present opening, but here's a cute one of Eric and Anita.

We had a lot of fun hanging out, despite all of us except for Tim having colds. Munchies was sick too, although with something a little different than the rest of us. She had a 103 degree fever for a couple of days and not much appetite for days before that. Luckily, ibuprofin and tylenol were able to bring her fever almost totally down, and she got better without even getting congested or getting a cough. On the other hand, I am still sneezing and congested. Yuck.

Munchies had been saying hi (aiii!) for a couple of weeks before they came, but not quite in context. During the trip she figured it out, and had fun going around saying hi to everyone and waving. She also learned no. A little bit anyway. We were telling her no when she would toss all of her food off of her high chair tray. A minute later she tossed off a cheerio and said "No!" Clearly my attempt at teaching her has failed, but she's learning the word anyway. She has been copying sounds like mad. She copies the sounds the animals make and lots of words.

Tim dressed her one morning and demanded pictures be taken, she did look very cute in her overalls and her new kicks from Laura.
* Story to come soon, this post was getting way too long if I included it.


  1. sounds like yall had a nice holiday...she is just so cute...

  2. I'm excited to hear this mysterious story. that's a really cute sweater you've got on in that last picture.

  3. Gee, it's a good thing I was taking photos!
    What story?! I'm curious.


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