Zoey loves to be read to. She seems to love to look at the pictures in her books and I'm sure the snuggling and sound of her mom and dad's voices don't hurt.

She's smiling a little in this picture. She isn't smiling socially yet, but she seems to be smiling more often and I'm hoping the social smile will happen soon. She's 6 weeks old today and the social smile is supposed to happen around 6-8 weeks. Exciting times around here!

I couldn't decide which of these pictures was the cutest so I'll just post a couple more. I love how zoned in she is on her book. Reading is a passion of mine that I get a lot of enjoyment from so I hope she loves it too. She's off to a good start!

She had quite the attention span for being read to, she stayed awake and alert listening and looking for almost an hour.


  1. These are precious. I think she looks most focused in the third one.

  2. Yeah, it's hard to pick the cutest picture. They're all pretty adorable. Looks like she'll end up liking books just as much as her mommy does.

  3. How awesome! I wish Ryker would pay attention to books like that! He's always too busy looking around whatever room he's in, he hardly even stares at me! I try not to take it personally though. :)

    What kind of books do you guys read to Zoey? Are they full of all sorts of colors & patterns? 'Cuz she DEFINITELY looks super-zoned into them! I need to find some good ones for my little bugaboo! Hopefully, he'll zone in as much as your cutie! :)

  4. Alexis, the books aren't anything too special. The one in the pictures is a book of easy to read disney stories and so far I only have a couple of other books. I need to get more so mommy can have some variety. :)


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