Jan 31, 2010

No more work

Office work anyway. I told my manager today that I wasn't coming back to the office. I did say I would like to work 10-15 hours per week from home, but I doubt that I will be allowed to. A little sad, because it was a good job, but I wouldn't have been happy about leaving Zoey in day care. I know a lot of stay at home parents go a bit stir crazy, but so far I don't mind being at home nearly all the time. I'm not the most social person in the world, which I think is to my advantage in this situation.

Now that Zoey's getting older, I'll get out more and more since I can take her with me more often. Tim and I actually took her to the movies for the first time yesterday. We went to a noon matinee so as not to expose her to a whole lot of germs and she slept right through it. We saw Up In The Air and it was good. Once spring hits I will be out walking and hiking with her any chance I get, I can't wait for that.

I am going to help Tim in the office when I have down time now that things are starting to get busy for the season with his company. I'm also thinking of taking a class a semester to work towards something I could actually use to work part time or from home later when my kids are in school. I'm thinking accounting might be good. I do have a degree in marketing already, and a lot of the prereqs are the same. It's something I need to look into anyway.

Jan 24, 2010

The No Dessert Diet

I went to see my midwife for my 6 week post partum check up and got some news from the scale there that I wasn't thrilled about. I had been to see her about a month ago after I got mastitis and the scale read exactly the same then. I decided I needed to do more than just add some jogging to my routine, I need to actually *shudders in horror* quit eating dessert all the time. I'm downright awful about it. I regularly eat a full meal of dessert almost every day. Then the sugar doesn't last me all that long and I end up eating the meal still a little later. Since I'm unable to modify my dessert intake I've put myself on the no dessert diet. I've been on it since Wednesday morning. I get to eat whatever else I want, but no dessert, and that includes the sugary children's cereal that sadly, is Tim and I's staple. (Is that correct grammar, I's?) I bought some high fiber cereal without much flavor and bought a huge container of raisins to liberally sprinkle on to make it tasty. I bought a bunch of apples and bananas. I'm actually a little shocked to say, I have had no dessert this whole time! It's a record. Even with the bag of cookie mix taunting me in my kitchen. I have foiled it every time. It even seems like the longer I go without dessert, the easier it gets to not have it because I know I've gone this long so I can't screw it up now. I'll probably work something out eventually where I get dessert one day a week or something, but I'm determined not to until I see some results on the dreaded scale. Speaking of which, I ordered one that consumer reports says is within one pound 99% of the time. I'm motivated. Also, I just had a big cup of coffee. Still, I'd say I'm regularly at least 75% this motivated. *Enthusiastically flips dessert the bird*

Jan 23, 2010


I've noticed a trend among mommy bloggers. They like to wash out the pictures of their babies and then increase the contrast to result in the baby's eyes looking super amazing. This also serves to make any skin blemishes disappear. I'm torn because on the one hand I think it's kind of stupid to feel that you must change the picture to make your baby look more beautiful, as if they aren't gorgeous enough already. Kinda the same way I feel about getting a boob job. On the other hand, well, it works. And unlike a boob job, its free, painless, and takes about 5 seconds. I suppose my analogy is probably flawed but I'm sure you can see a little bit what I mean. In conclusion, I'm slightly ashamed of myself, but look how big, blue and gorgeous my baby's eyes are?

Jan 21, 2010

Jogging and Weight Loss

I started jogging again last week. Normally I loathe jogging outside during the winter. I've always hated getting cold ears and breathing the freezing air deep into my lungs. However, due to the fact that it's been so long since I've jogged outside I have found my desperation to get back into it far outweighs the discomfort. Actually, it's really not so bad and I may end up jogging during the winter in winters to come after discovering this. As I expected I'm not in nearly as good of jogging shape as I was pre pregnancy. Jogging 3-5 miles at a 10 minute pace is quite a challenge for me. My goal is to be one minute faster in a month. Not to mention some pounds lighter! I have almost 15 pounds to go to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, and even that was about 5 pounds heavier than my ideal. I'm 6 weeks post partum now, and other than what I lost within the first few weeks I haven't lost any more. I'm thinking adding jogging to my routine of using my elliptical should help me see some results. Only if I still don't lose any weight will I resort to the dreaded dieting. I've never dieted, and I hope not to start any time soon. Here's to hoping I have some weekly post partum pictures that actually show improvement soon!

Jan 20, 2010

Zoey is smiling

The past couple of days I've thought I glimpsed a few of Zoey's first social smiles. It's sometimes hard to tell if she is actually smiling at me, but today she sold me. Let's see if she sells you too:

Actor Blind

I have always thought that John Cusack and Edward Norton look very similar and I'm always mistaking one for the other. Over the years I have become aware that apparently* no one shares this thought with me, and in fact, no one else even thinks they look similar at all. It's very strange. I guess it's kind of like being color blind except with those two particular actors. The one way I have found of telling them apart is John Cusack has a smooth baby face. Well, Tim and I turned on the TV and there was Being John Malkcovitch, which incidentally is an awesome movie if you haven't seen it. There on the screen I saw a man who appeared to be Edward Norton. I was sure of it. His face was covered with a beard, so clearly it could not be John Cusack. Tim asked me, "Is that John Cusack?" There it was. My moment of triumph. I laughed joyfully and informed him that he'd just fallen victim to mistaking Edward Norton for John Cusack, the very thing he has mocked me for in the past. In a moment of foolish self doubt I hit info on the remote and.... oh no... disaster!! It was in fact John Cusack on the screen. Damn!! Well, John Cusack, you've done it again, you've camouflaged yourself as Edward Norton. And this time even Tim, for the briefest moment, wondered if you were indeed Edward. Touche. See, wouldn't you agree that the beard takes everything you thought you knew and spins it around so that you feel all confused and conflicted? I bet you can't even tell who's who. And if you say you can, you're lying and fall into the category of those who "apparently*" can tell.

* It's clear to me that those who disagree with me are doing so only to toy with my mind.

Jan 18, 2010

The Tongue Game

Zoey has a new favorite game. She still loves her game where she stares at the dot pattern on the inside of her bassinet, but she seems to like her new game even more. The new game is copying me when I stick my tongue out. My mom and brother claimed she did this a couple of weeks ago, but I never was able to get her to do it often or right after I did it, so I don't really think it was intentional at that point. Now though, if she is in an alert mood and I stick my tongue out she stares down at my tongue. Then she starts wiggling and breathing harder and seems in general to be very excited about the prospect of playing the game. Usually pretty quickly she will start to pucker her lips and stick out her tongue in a point just like I do. It's so adorable. I know I'm easily impressed and entertained by her, but I love that she's really copying me and that she seems to enjoy it just as much as I do. I got a video of her playing. Beware, the video sucks. I wasn't patient enough to properly edit it in windows movie maker because the program keeps freezing. So, instead of one small clip you have a longer one, but the action is mostly at the very beginning.

Jan 17, 2010


Zoey loves to be read to. She seems to love to look at the pictures in her books and I'm sure the snuggling and sound of her mom and dad's voices don't hurt.

She's smiling a little in this picture. She isn't smiling socially yet, but she seems to be smiling more often and I'm hoping the social smile will happen soon. She's 6 weeks old today and the social smile is supposed to happen around 6-8 weeks. Exciting times around here!

I couldn't decide which of these pictures was the cutest so I'll just post a couple more. I love how zoned in she is on her book. Reading is a passion of mine that I get a lot of enjoyment from so I hope she loves it too. She's off to a good start!

She had quite the attention span for being read to, she stayed awake and alert listening and looking for almost an hour.

Jan 12, 2010

Labor and Birth Video

After I posted the no vagass video I started looking through the rest of the video and got in the mood to put it together. Don't worry, there isn't footage of the actual birth. I didn't even include the video of the placenta, even though I DO have footage of that. Tim was really impressed by the placenta. It was a real monster. One thing I'd like to point out is that I know foiled is not spelled folied. But, I didn't notice the typo until I was all done with the video so I thought it would be best to just let it ride. Technically, I guess folied might mean I had been catheterized with a foley catheter. And then I could've been like, "Damn, folied again!" I think people probably do say that. I sure would and plan to next time it happens. It just doesn't seem believable in the context that I had just been catheterized. I just don't think my audience will buy that. Well, you be the judge.

Jan 11, 2010

One Month Old

During this one month Zoey has made a lot of changes and I have learned so much about her.

She can now sort of hold her head up. She can lift it up and hold it on her own for short periods of time. It does still fall over a little if not supported, but not nearly as often. She will sleep for five hours during the night from the end of one feeding to the start of the next. She follows things with her eyes well. She can't figure out quite how to use them, but she moves her hands around much more than she did, and will grab my hair or other things in reach. She will put her hand up against her binky as if to hold it in, or put a hand over her eyes like she is blocking the light. She stays awake for longer at a time, she can stay awake for as much as 3-4 hours these days. She is starting to fall into a schedule. She is usually awake after I wake up and feed her until her next feeding. After that she'll sleep for several hours. Then she will be awake again in the evening until bed. Some nights she is awake later than is ideal, but that's my fault for not working harder to keep her awake during the day. On days when I keep her awake more she goes to sleep a lot earlier.

She does so many things that make me melt. When she is waking up after a deep sleep she has this whole routine of squirming, arching her back and stretching. It will go on for a good five minutes sometimes. The way she purses her lips and raises her eyebrows to show me that she has had enough and is done eating is adorable. I've learned her wet diaper cry, its a soft but consistent complaint that ends right when she gets changed. She loves the toy that is hanging from the side of her bassinet. She stares at it with such curiosity and loves the songs that it plays. She likes to try to push up with her legs, and if I lift her up with her push she gets a look of amazement on her face. Her look of amazement makes the list all on its own, she is amazed often. After a big yawn when her mouth comes together again she presses her lips together and makes a small, and very ladylike of course, contented snort. When she is swaddled but not tired she likes to kick her legs up into the air. It is so funny to watch her all tiny and wrapped up, huge eyes wide open, kicking her feet gleefully. Maybe the cutest of all is her smile. She doesn't smile in response to anything in particular yet, but when she does smile it is the sweetest. Mostly she smiles when she is drifting off to sleep, we watch her face closely at these times because her smile never fails to captivate us. She has such a range of expressions, I love watching them all pass over her cute 'lil face.

Month two is going to be exciting. She should start smiling on purpose this month, which is probably the thing I'm looking forward to the most. I just can't wait to actually know for sure what she likes. Her sleeping a little longer will be great. Hearing her start to make cooing noises is going to be awesome. I'm not really sure what else to expect, but do I know I'm going to be blown away by every tiny thing she does.

Jan 10, 2010

Classic (updated)

Tim took a some video footage of my labor and the time right after birth. He's still planning to make a video from it, but that will be quite a project. Anyway, this little snippet is hilarious and I felt it must be shared sooner rather than later.


If you had a hard time understanding the dialogue it's me saying, "I don't have a vagass*!!" and my mom thinking, "What? Uhh, oh, no vagass. Hmm... what is the appropriate response here?" and finally deciding on one that she thinks may work, "Good!" Her tone here really cracks me up. The other hilarious thing about this is it is the first moment I saw my mom after birth. Zoey was on my chest, healthy and gorgeous, and this is what I felt was priority over anything else to share with my mom.

* Vagass: Word that I made up. Or maybe Laura made it up. Either which way, its a hybrid of the words vagina and ass. It's where they merge into one orifice due to severe tearing during childbirth. It was something I was terrified about before birth.

Jan 9, 2010

Sick Baby

Zoey is doing better now, but her stomach was acting up for a few days. She kept throwing up huge amounts, like enough that I was very surprised her stomach could even hold that much. At first I figured it was a one time thing, but then she did it again several times so after it had been more than 24 hours I called my pediatrician and explained to the nurse that she was throwing up her whole meal and more and had been doing it frequently for over 24 hours. The nurse was like, oh, jeez, no biggie, why don't you check back with us in a week. Which is obviously ridiculous since she wasn't getting any water at all and clearly couldn't go on a whole week like that. There is one thing in particular called pyloric stenosis that manifests around her age that I was concerned she could have. It's where a valve between the stomach and small intestine is too tight and not much can get through causing it all to be thrown up. Babies who have it need to get an IV until they can get surgery. I called and consulted with my dad who thought the nurses advice was negligent as well and recommended we take her to the hospital to have her checked out. She was negative for pyloric stenosis and also for a UTI, which mostly just leaves stomach virus on the list. She was able to hold down sugar water in small amounts and then I've been able to get her gradually back up to almost a full milk feeding. She's only spit up amounts within the realm of normal since then. It is terrifying to watch your baby throw up a puddle bigger than she is. I'm so relieved she is doing better.

Jan 8, 2010

Howie is going to call Doggie Protective Services...

If he can figure out how to operate the phone that is. Not that I beat him, but he is unfortunately under the impression that I do. He injured himself somehow and when he is touched on that area he whimpers. He can run around fine, and I can't feel a swollen area or find a cut, so I think it must be a bruise. When he bumps into anything and hurts himself if Tim or I are nearby he gives us this injured look, tucks his tail between his legs, and slinks away. He clearly thinks that he is being abused. It's also in his nature to think that if it's happening, he must deserve it. It's very sad. No amount of comforting convinces him that he has not just been beaten. He is convinced that he did something wrong, was beaten, and now I'm trying to make up for it. I'm giving him lots of extra love, but I really hope his bruise heals fast for the sake of his mental well being.

Jan 3, 2010

Christmas and New Years Festivities

I had company during the holidays. My brother came into town from Seattle and my parents came over too. Near the end of the visit my brother's girlfriend came into town and I got to meet her for the first time. I really liked her and she was fun to have over. She's a bit of a bridge expert and has been getting my brother into the game lately. They taught Tim and I to play and even my dad who normally isn't a big fan of games played with us. I'm looking forward to joining a bridge club in my old age. Now Tim needs to pick up racket ball and we'll be all set.

I wasn't able to hang out as much as I normally would since it still is taking up to 12 hours to get enough sleep and then I need to do feedings throughout the day. I don't have the hang of using the wrap boob hider things while feeding yet. Probably because I'm using nipple shields, they really make feeling more complicated. But, better than the alternative which involved blisters and large black bruises and, oh yeah, 103.5 fever and mastitis. Much better. Still, I want to quit using them at some point so that feeding will be more simple.

I got to go cross country skiing with everyone twice up Millcreek Canyon while Grandma watched Zoey. The puppies had so much fun, poor puppies have been a little short on exercise since Zoey was born.

My mom took care of all of the cooking and Tim and I ate a lot better than we normally do, and that includes pre-baby. The pie, fudge, and other goodies probably didn't do me a lot of favors on my quest to lose 15 pounds, but I'm ready to hit that hard now.

We sang Christmas carols as usual, a little ghetto style but that's okay. When we're at my parent's house for Christmas my mom plays the carols on the piano and we all sing along. When we're at my house for Christmas, we pull up this really ghetto Christmas karaoke website and sing along to that. Everything on that site is mismatched, sometimes songs have intros, sometimes they don't. Sometimes the music lasts long enough to sing the lyrics, sometimes it doesn't or else it lasts way too long after you're done singing. It's pretty awesome is basically what I'm getting at.

Zoey got gifts from Eric, my parents, and Tim's parents. Sadly, we didn't get her anything. I guess she did get a whole bunch of clothes and all of her baby stuff right before Christmas though so I figure that works.

I guess the title of this post is a little misleading, in that it implies there were New Years festivities. I should probably apologize for making this post seem so exciting. In reality, there were no New Years festivities. What really happened was I went to bed before midnight. Except for Zoey decided she was not about to miss her first New Years and stayed up until after 1, party girl that she is. That about sums up the evening.

Now that our company is gone, it's time for me to work a little harder on getting Zoey into a schedule. I find that when I'm good about waking her up often for feedings during the day and I do her last feeding around the same time each night she tends to sleep really well at night. I wasn't the greatest at consistency with company around, but still she was starting to sleep more like 5 hours between feedings some nights. I'm thinking if I get her into a schedule she'll be sleeping most of the night very soon. Fingers crossed!
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