Dec 27, 2010

Xmas with Tim's Family

Kins has lots of cousins on Tim's side of the family. This is the first gathering where she's been old enough to interact with them much. She had so much fun. With Reagan especially, she's the youngest and definitely the most interested. Starting two days before the gathering she had been asking if baby Kins would be there. Here they are checking each other out. You can see how stoked Reagan is about it.

Tim's family got Munchies presents for her birthday as well as being in the xmas name exchange. She got to sit and open her birthday presents with everyone and then they sang her happy birthday. It was really sweet. Here Payton is showing her the present unwrapping ropes.
Most of the kids are still young enough to be interested in her toys. Here they are checking one out.
It was a great party. Tasty food, lots of presents for the kids, and lovely company. One last parting photo. This toy was a bit hit with everyone. Even Munchies uncle, who probably played with it the most of anyone. I'm not even sure whose gift it actually was. He was able to hold it up and do two of his face imprints kissing each other. It was pretty awesome, I only regret that I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of it.

Dec 26, 2010

Dancing with Her New Toy

Tim's sister gave her a toy her kids used and it's a big hit. At around 50 seconds you can really see her rocking out to the music. Without other kids I'm not if they all do this, but she always starts grooving when music comes on. Even at 6 months she would swing her leg to the beat. It's even cuter now that she full on dances though. Sometime she she head bangs too.

Dec 24, 2010

Tired on Pony Friend

Sometimes she plays on Pony Friend while I work. It's so cute when she gets sleepy and lays her head on him. There's an extra bonus in this video around 25 seconds where she gets a second wind and really gets rocking.

Dec 22, 2010


She's been doing this for quite some time, but I finally got it on video. Lately she's gotten really into imitating. She'll often imitate simple words, coughing, tongue clicking.

Dec 21, 2010

Dancing Munchies

I tried to edit this some, the beginning should be sort of action packed. As action packed as a video of Kins swaying back and forth to music can be. But the song is pretty awesome, so that should help. If you skip in about a minute and a half I turned it off and back on so you could see her instant reaction. Then I gave her the remote and she picked a couple of songs and grooved to those too.

After I took the video I was putting it on the computer and she was still playing with the remote. She must have switched to to music port, cranked the volume all the way up, then switched to the radio. All of a sudden there was a burst of ultra loud static and she screamed at the top of her lungs and lunged for me and tried to crawl up my body. She was pretty traumatized and it took a little bit of soothing and leaving the room to calm her down. It was so sad.

Dec 20, 2010

Christmas Picture

We really need to invest in a better camera, but after much weeding out of randomly blurred or washed out pictures, we managed to get a couple of decent pictures. This one was my favorite. Now if only I were motivated enough to send them out! This will have to do.

Dec 16, 2010

Goodreads + The Library = A Good Time

I recently started using Goodreads more. I love how they've got lists of best voted books in all sorts of categories. I usually don't have very good luck picking out books by browsing in the library. I end up with books I like more with goodreads. Although I kinda struck out with the last two, Middlesex and The Kiterunner. I didn't find either one to be stellar. I've got about 5 books waiting for me at the library now that I'm excited about. Now we'll just see if I can squeeze in some good reading time. It's been more challenging now that I'm working about 12 hours per week, but I think it makes me value my reading time even more. Often Kins will think it's pretty fun to play in her play yard while I'm laying in there reading. She can climb over me and try to read my book too. It makes for slower reading, but it's nice.

Get yoself a Goodreads account and let the fun begin! Here's mine.

Dec 14, 2010


Tim got a big local job that started today. It's cool, because he can work on it and actually pull a check. He hasn't paid himself for all of his hours this year, because business hasn't been awesome (yay for having saved like madmen, or should I say madpeople, in previous years!). The past few months have treated us better, and this job should help too.

It's good news, but I will miss how lucky I am when he's working in the office. When he's in the office we see each other a lot. When I'm working I usually work in the basement with him because that's where I set up Munchies big play yard full of toys. We usually eat lunch together, and if I'm not working I bring Kins down periodically to peek in and see him throughout the day. On the job he's normally working long hours, so we miss him. We'll have to bundle up and get out more often during the day. Unless we get some more days like yesterday, in which case we'll hardly have to bundle up at all, it was 50!

Dec 13, 2010

First Birthday Video

Here's the promised action packed video:

Dec 11, 2010

Check me out

Next pregnancy I'm going to work on not having multiple servings of dessert daily, dessert instead of meals, etc. At the time I thought it was all good, but then a few weeks after having Munchies when instead of just magically shrinking up I looked like the following picture, I came to understand the truth.

I was going through pictures of Munchies to find birthday post pictures and couldn't resist posting this one of me. I was slightly horrified by pictures such as these at the time, but in retrospect they're pretty amusing.

Dec 9, 2010

Party Time

We threw her a little party for her birthday. My parents happened to be in town a few days before her birthday so since Tooter and Ruth live close I decided at the last minute to have them come by too for a little party time. We had grilled cheese and tomato soup, opened presents, and went for a walk. There was birthday cake too, naturally.

She thought her cake was tasty, and fun to play with too.

It was funny to watch the babies interact. None of them really are grasping how to interact and play together yet, but there was the occasional slow motion near miss eye gouging, some poking, and some sticking fingers into each others mouths*. Good times for the babies.

 Here Munchies was like, "Look, Baby Man, here's how you work Pony Friend's ears. Pretty awesome, yeah?"

Here she is, the Pony Friend Master, showing people how it's done, being cool in her party glasses. She would probably be embarrassed if she knew she had chocolate smeared on her face in this picture, so don't mention it to her, okay?

* Video of babies playing together to come soon, after I get it edited to show the highlights.

Dec 7, 2010

One Year Old?!

This year went by even faster than I expected. Rocking her to sleep last night and looking down at her I thought, this is as good as it gets. I've thought that just about daily at something or other she's done since birth. I'm glad I waited to have her so that I got lots of time to do what I wanted and be married for awhile first, but now, I don't miss the freedom.

She looked like this right when she was born.

She's been adored by her daddy since day one.

Then she started to grow up (too fast!)

This past month has been an exciting one. She said her first word (dog, naturally). She now chants it when she sees dogs or cats. She started saying MMMMMM when she eats tasty things. She predictably does this, and sometimes it's really funny. Two times in the past couple of weeks she was chillin on the floor and I heard it, and then found that she had located a cheerio on her person and eaten it both times. She learned how to get a book and turn the pages for herself, and she loves doing this. She learned to pull herself up on just about anything and stand for up to an hour at a time, and also to walk along using furniture. After learning to clap and wave she now understands the idea of mimicking actions, and she'll copy actions like pointing, head nodding to music, rocking, ect. She bangs things together. She points to what she wants.

Being a parent is a wonderful thing. She's so much fun to spend my days with and I've never been happier.

Nov 30, 2010

Vintage Singer Spartan

I recently acquired this awesome machine whose birthday as best I can tell is 1960.

Isn't it pretty? I had a Brother machine before, one which my mom bought me for $30 10 years ago. I don't sew all that frequently, but I am both short and also sometimes like to get creative. Short meaning I hem a lot of things, it's the rare pair of pants that I don't have to alter.

I took my Brother to a repair man, who I paid $20 to retime it, but that didn't end up fixing the problem. He then sold me a piece of garbage which jammed up nearly every time I tried to use it. He then said it was only for sewing two thin peices of material together, much more and I was going to need an industrial machine which would cost me hundreds of dollars. My Brother had handled such things with ease in the past, so I knew he was sadly misinformed. Or lying. Either which way, the very next day I went and tested my Spartan, and it breezed through my beco hood project that man's machine had failed to sew. I made the purchase for $49 dollars and returned the hunk of junk. The Spartan sews wonderfully so far, and over just about any material and thickness. All while looking pretty.

Nov 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Munchies started feeling almost totally normal again not long after I wrote the last post.We still decided not to go to Tim's family's Thanksgiving, because we both had the stomach bug for one thing, but I wasn't sure if Munchies immunity would still be down too and being in a big group with her didn't seem wise. I've had enough worrying about her being sick for a bit, and don't mind keeping her in a bubble until she's been well for a week anyway.  Instead, we spent the day sitting around watching some fracking Battlestar Galactica, which we've been into lately. It was an extremely lazy day, topped off with Mac n' cheese for dinner.

Friday my parents came over. We were supposed to go over to their house, but they made the trip instead since there has been all of this business with Munchies being sick. My mom brought a turkey and the fixins for a Thanksgiving meal. The day was punctuated with my dad's random jokes* and good conversation. We took a walk in the gully. Munchies slept for 45 minutes while walking in the gully, then proceeded to not to go bed until midnight and sleep only 7.5 hours that night. Since my parents were here we got to have them watch her in the morning and take a luxurious nap. Her schedule is still wacky, but it's been slightly better since.

Saturday we just talked and hung out. Had french toast. Played with Munchies. I stole this picture from my mom's camera.

She finally took a regular nap Saturday, just one two hour nap though. It seems like she's giving up her morning nap already. I then just kept her up to see when she'd crash on her own instead of trying to get her to sleep unsuccessfully multiple times like the previous night. I put her in her bouncer as usual while I took a shower and just one or two minutes into it I peeked out to see this.

She's not one to fall asleep easily and when she's in the middle of doing anything. This is the first time she's ever actually crashed while playing. It backfired a little though because this 10 minute nap gave her the energy to stay up for another couple of hours. I do hope at some point she needs more sleep than me again.

* An older couple upon revealing that they had hallway sex a couple of times every day were questioned as to what exactly that was. You know, hallway sex. You pass each other in the hall and you go, "Frak you! No, frack you!" (That's not really exactly how the joke went, but I wanted to get in some more Battlestar Galactica swearing. See how nicely that works?)

Nov 24, 2010

Recovering Munchies

Friday morning Munchies spiked a fever. It got up to 103 with no other symptoms and so  my dad was worried about a UTI by the time Friday night rolled around. We took to to the ER to rule that out. Saturday she started up with throwing up and had diarrhea. She didn't seem to feel too awful yet, she was sleeping almost all day, but had a little time when she would perk up and try to play with toys at half speed.

Sunday she slept all day with no perking up and couldn't keep anything down. When I tried to wake her up she fell back to sleep sitting up. She didn't show interest about anything. She wasn't making tears or peeing either. Off to the ER we went again. They gave her an IV Sunday night, and said she should perk up some after a couple of hours. She didn't. She was put in the Rapid Treatment Unit, which is inbetween being in the ER and being admitted. We stayed the night* and in the morning after being on the IV for over 12 hours she still wasn't responding to anything and was falling asleep having her blood drawn. I couldn't get her to even look my way calling her name. She was sleeping so heavily she barely stirred when she had her vital signs taken. I can't remember ever being more scared in my life. Finally, that afternoon she woke up for a half hour. Her eyes were drooping and she looked completely wiped out, but she sat on her own for 20 minutes or so and showed interest in looking at toys and at us again. After that I was able to get her to nurse some and she kept it down. They sent us home Monday night. She seemed to love getting out of the hospital as much as we did. She woke up and was interested in looking around as we took her to the car, and when we got home she screamed in delight and chanted "Da" at the dogs when they licked her.

Tuesday she was peeing and nursing but she slept almost all day and had only woken up for 10 minutes total by 3:00 so I took her in to see her Pediatrician. She woke up enough to scream almost the whole time, she was aware that strangers near her meant bad stuff happening. The ped just said it was wise to keep close tabs on her, but to watch her until morning at home and then re-evaluate. Around 7 she woke up for a whole hour. She even wanted to stand up holding the edge of the coffee table and waved and Grandma and Grandpa on Skype.

This morning she was up for a half hour or so already, which beats yesterday, but she's still exhausted. She's nursing a lot longer and better now though and she even tried to crawl a little, so it seems she's on the mend. I hope I get to see her happier and awake more today.

Nov 20, 2010

2 Ply Sews a Baby Carrying Hood

I recently sewed a hood for my Beco baby carrier. When I put Munchies in about 12 layers to keep her warm in this frigid Utah tundra she sits up too tall for the back of the carrier to give her any head support so when she nods off her head ends up lolling around. Tooter Squats has an Ergo baby carrier with a hood, although that hood covers the baby's field of vision entirely so it's only for sleeping, like so:

I sort of copied the design, except for mine allows her to see when the hood is on. I also sewed on a little pouch like this Ergo has, because the Beco doesn't have one.

In my before picture she's just wearing one layer, I should have dressed her in her huge thick suit that reminds of of the kid from The Christmas Story, like this:

But, I did not. So, you'll just have to imagine if she was sitting up about 2 inches higher.

After, notice how she's already falling asleep because she likes the hood so well, this picture was taken only about one minute after the first picture. Something about how the hood snugs her head in she likes:

It's a pretty sweet system, On the top I sewed on adjustable straps so I can loosen it up more and more as she grows taller, or if she's wearing layers and strap it down snug still if she's not. It also serves as sun protection. It's not all that beautiful, but I'm happy with it.

Nov 12, 2010

How Laura and I ended up with the coolest nicknames ever

Tess: ive decided to embrace my nickname (poopers). under the condition that you embrace one i come up with for you. i'm considering pooter squats... what do you think?

laura: lol

laura: rad. ryan suggests tooter squats.

Tess: ok. its settled.

laura: man, I'm excited to finally have an awesome nick name. well I guess toonstie pants is okay but hardly anyone calls me that. bottoo's friends used to call me Spectrum because he refused to tell them my real name. That's probably the only real cool name I've ever had. until now.

laura: if you find it too cumbersome sometimes you can just call me tooter or T Squats, respectively.

Tess: lol, i'm glad you're so excited. i'll try to work up some enthusiasm for my nickname too. maybe i can get pumped about it after all. tooter squats is pretty cool i have to say. and they sound awesome together too, like, "oh hey! it's poopers and tooter!"

Tess: t squats as a nice ring to it as well.

laura: hmm. well, I suppose it would be fair of me to offer you the chance to make up your own nickname if you don't end up warming to poopers. I think it's just great though. but I guess that goes without saying. And it's definitely got quite the ring when paired with a classy name like tooter. I'm lolling just thinking about it. Sounds like a pair of crime fighters. or perhaps more accurately, pudgy flatulant people with irritable bowels. but you know. same difference.

Tess: no, no, a person can't make up their own nickname. that isnt right. i'm just gonna have to warm up to poopers. i think iam a little already. and like you say, it's too late now even if i wanted to change it, because another name simply wouldn't work out with t squats. tim points out t squats makes you sound like a rapper. awesome. i'm a little bit jealous of your name. maybe mine needs a little sprucing up? like what about a last name? that's not changing it, just adding to it. what can you come up with?

laura: Hmm. Poopers Leflare? poopers baggins, poopers 'O Riley

Tess: gosh, what a dilimma. i just don't know. i also called myself poopers McGrue on your blog just now. It seems we have a difficult choice to make.

laura: poopers Hoss, Ice, JJ Poopers, Mac Poopers, Nappers, Norton Poopers, Orlando Poopers... it's true. I'm glad I'm not burdened with such a choice.

Tess: Mac Poopers cracks me up the most out of that last batch.
Tess: Tim advises that we don't make any quick decisons we might come to regret.

laura: ohh. that's a good idea. there are so many good options. I like the female route too...foxy poopers adds quite a sexy flair.
Tess: Poopers McSteamy. Poopers McFly.

laura: Oh, those are both good ones. What if we played with verb last names like you gave me? like...poopers Delight, Drip, Clap..hmm. oh diddy and daddy are pretty brilliant.

Tess: These last couple because it would be cool if my name could sound gangsta.

laura: you could always go more hardcore like Tap as a last name. well I don't know if that's more hardcore actually, since I'm not as into rap.
laura: P Tap sounds like a badass though.

Tess: lol... p tap does have a really nice ring.

Tess: but said fully, poopers tap, is that as good?
laura: yeah, I dunno. well, I think there are at least 10 great options that we've come up with and it should just be a matter of deciding now.

Tess: 2ply poopers

laura: lol

laura: that's a definite contender

Tess: Pooper, aka 2ply

laura: I don't know...can that be beat? I can't think so. what does tim think?

Tess: lol... he came up with it. while i was pooping no less. then got to excited he had to take over my skype and type it to you right then and there.

Tess: excuse me, so excited i meant.

laura: haha rad. it's pretty brilliant

Tess: i think there's a certain eerie quality to the fact that it was thought up WHILE i was pooping.

laura: eerie? or fateful?

Tess: both?

laura: I think so

laura: well , it's settled. in my mind at least.

Tess: ok. so, now we just have logistics to deal with.

Tess: is it 2ply poopers, or is it only poopers (like cher) but poopers aka 2ply?

laura: I kinda like the aka thing but the down side to that is that you'll likely just get called one or the other as time goes on. sometimes 2ply, sometimes poopers, but rarely poopers aka 2ply. we could just see how it evolves I suppose.

Tess: hmm. you bring up some good points to consider.

Tess: i guess as long as it was always one or the other it would be ok. i dont think i could bear it if it were to become only 2ply or only poopers, what if one of them was forgotten with time?

Tess: if we can be assured that's an impossibility, then i think it's settled, poopers aka 2ply.

Nov 11, 2010

Reading to Herself

I got a big fence area to put Munchies in while I work. I find that it's so much easier to focus and get things done if she's in this play area. When I have her in the same room as me with no play yard she comes over and starts trying to stick her fingers into all of the computer ports and play on the keyboard, not very effective for work. Her playpen is too small for her to crawl. So, this play yard is working great. At first she didn't like it for more than 10 minutes at a time, but she quickly figured out how to enjoy independent play time. I probably coddled her a little too much before anyway, it seems healthy for her to play on her own for a couple of hours each day. Since she started playing in the dog run* as I call it, she's gotten a lot better at balancing while standing. She spends a lot of time pulling herself up on the sides and walking the parameter. Now when she's in other areas of the house I notice she's getting a lot stronger and can even hold herself standing with one hand now.

I saw her reading her book to herself today. I'm a huge reader, so this was just absolutely adorable to me. Plus you can see her new dog run.

* It confuses me that some people seem to be vehement about this product as well as playpens and also child harness leash things. Seemed simple to me though, kid sticking fingers into computer ports/pounding away on keys while mama works=not ideal. Kid playing happily while mama actually gets something done=better.

Nov 10, 2010

First Word! (Video has been added)

It's dog, just as I suspected and mentioned in her 11 month post. Not surprising, since she is obsessed with her puppy friends. She just says "dah" really, she can't quite say the g part. It's so cute, every time one of the dogs walks by I hear her going, "Dah! Dah!" She says it when she sees the cat too, guess she thinks he's the same thing. Yesterday talking to my parents on Skype they turned their webcam to their dog, and she said it then too.

Nov 9, 2010


Munchies has started saying mmmmmmm when she eats something she likes. It's funny to watch her taste preferences. Applesauce rarely gets an "Mmmmmm", but Cheerios and anything else sweet does. She does it without fail every time she eats something she thinks is delicious. Last night when Tim was in the bedroom with her I knew he was giving her something yummy because from the living room I kept hearing "MMmmmmMMMM!!!!" over and over again. He was giving her teeny bits of candy as it turned out.

Nov 6, 2010

11 Months

Her sleeping problems have been getting better. For almost a month she was been back to sleeping 10-12 hours per night nearly every night. The past week she's been waking up once a night again, so I can't say the sleeping issues are resolved yet, but getting close.
But, her MSPI has resolved completely!! That one deserves two exclamation points I think. Not only can I eat as much dairy as I want now, but so can she. This has been an exciting month. She has also gotten more into eating solid food, she'll eat a medium sized jar of baby food in one day now, when always before she would refuse to eat more than a couple of spoonfuls at a time.

If I put her in an area with lots of toys she'll play by herself for up to an hour without any complaint. She understands how to tilt up her sippy cup to drink out of it on her own. She waves and claps. She holds her hand out towards things she wants, sometimes pointing. She does this a lot, it seems she wants pretty much everything. She has 5 teeth. She is finally crawling up on her knees and fast. She pulls herself up to standing at every opportunity, and stays entertained just by the fact that she's standing for a half hour or so. It's very novel. She also walks along things when standing. In her crib she likes to walk over to the light switch and switch it on and off. She'll do it without complaint for quite some time.

She expresses excitement by screaming loudly. She does this when she seems someone she loves and also when she sees a book. She makes much more varied sounds when she babbles. She's much more into imitating sounds now and will reliably try to copy certain sounds like mamamama, dadada, raspberries, and funniest of all, loud grunting noises like you'd expect to hear a trucker making while pooping. I swear she is trying to say dog, Tim thinks I'm imagining things, but we'll just see about that, won't we? I wouldn't be surprised at all if that were her first word, the animals usually elicit the loudest shrieks of all from her.

She got a spring horse from Grandma. She loves it. If she's not sitting on it she often crawls over and stands up next to him to look at his face. She just learned how to rock on him some and figured out how to make him talk and sing, which requires grabbing his ears.

Nov 1, 2010

Terrifying Halloween Cat

We went jogging and ran across this cat on the path. It was the bravest/dumbest/most rabid cat I've ever seen.

Tim got this video, but what he didn't get on video was what happened when we jogged past the cat on the way back. When the dogs and I got about 20 feet from the cat it charged us. I shrieked in terror and dropped the leashes. The cat hopped stiff legged toward Howard at top speed, then attacked him. Howard wasn't sure what to do.

I have to wonder, was it rabid? I can't imagine a sane cat would attack Howard when it had plenty of space to run away. Howard wasn't bitten or scratched (shockingly) as far as I can tell. But, me being me, I still can't help but wonder if he contracted rabies. At least he's vaccinated.

Oct 30, 2010


We don't technically have anywhere to go, but Munchies has a Halloween costume.

Oct 29, 2010


My manager from my last job offered me work. It's perfect for me. I can do it from home and I can do it whenever I want. I need to decide how many hours I think I can work consistantly each week though, up to a max of 20. I know I could get in 10, but 20 sounds like a lot especially if Tim can't help with Munchies at all. I'm going to try it out for a week and decide. Tim's work is usually slow in the winter, so he can probably help and we could use a little extra income.

Oct 25, 2010

Bells Canyon

The next day we started hiking from a trailhead that didn't have a name as far as I could see. It's on the south side of the road right before entering Little Cottonwood Canyon. We walked along it until we reached the Bells Canyon trailhead, and hiked up there a little ways too. It was gorgeous with all of the fall colors.

Look at these two big front teeth. They're so cute.

Oct 23, 2010


Tim took the day off work for my birthday and we went hiking up the Mt. Aire trail. We only went to the saddle, where there were some nice views. We missed most of the leaves changing up there, next time I do that hike I'll have to go a few weeks sooner, like we did this time.

I made a recipe Laura told me about, chicken with buffalo chicken seasoning and lots of butter served on rice. It was yummy. Tim got an ice cream cake. Which I could eat! I posted recently that Munchies seemed to be getting over her MSPI, and as I've been adding more and more dairy/eggs/soy she's still had no reaction. I'm up to eating nearly as much dairy as I want now. Next step is giving her some.

We started watching The Butterfly Effect when Munchies took her afternoon nap, and she quite conveniently slept until the credits started rolling. I thought it was pretty good, but I wish I'd watched the theater version instead of the director's cut. I read about it after, and the endings were different, I would have much preferred to have seen the theater ending.

Laura made me some delicious shortbread/caramel/chocolate cookies and came over for a walk the next day. I got lots of Facebook birthday wishes and emails.

Overall, it was my style birthday. Good times. =)

Oct 22, 2010

White Pine Trail in Autumn and Learning about gross (and deadly) lack of handwashing in 1850

My parents stayed over for a night this past weekend. The main purpose was for them to see Munchies and watch her while we went out on a birthday date. We always have a good time hanging out with my parents, I really lucked out.

We went on a couple of short hikes while they were here. The first day we went walked on the White Pine trail up Little Cottonwood. About 1.75 miles up there is a pretty overlook that makes a nice destination. We couldn't have picked a better time of year for the hike. The aspens had all just turned a vibrant gold. There were about a hundred people milling around the parking lot and the first tiny stretch of the trail taking family pictures. Luckily they were all too lazy to actually hike anywhere, so the rest of the trail wasn't too congested.

My mom took these pictures. I always steal her pictures when I can instead of taking my own, partly because I'm lazy, partly because her camera is awesome.

 My dad educated us on Semmelweis while we walked. An OB doctor in 1850 who noticed how many of the patients at his hospital were getting infections and almost 20% were dying from it after giving birth. Nearby, there was a group of midwives. The midwives patients didn't get infections nearly as often. He discovered the reason infection was so high in the doctors' patients was because they did autopsies in the morning. They'd examine a woman who died, not wash their hands well, then go to a cervical exam on a woman in labor and pass it to her. He suggested hand washing with a chlorine solution. Infection dropped 90%. You wouldn't think the medical community could argue with those results, but they did. It just goes to show how much people don't like to change their minds and how closed minded and foolish they'll act in order to avoid doing so. He was ridiculed by many in the medical profession. He ended up kind of losing it and writing some letters to other OBs calling them ignoramuses and irresponsible murderers. He was correct, but that wasn't accepted until more than 20 years later, after his death.

Oct 20, 2010

Date at Fats bar and grill

Tim and I went to Fats Bar and Grill to play pool for a date. It's my favorite place to go out. It holds a lot of memories for us. I found it before we started dating, probably with Kristina, but Tim and I started going all the time when we got together. For my birthday the first year we were dating, Tim arranged for us to have the basement of Fats to ourselves for the night. He knew me well already. We kept going often until we moved further away. Now having Munchies it's really exciting to get a night at Fats. It was a blast as usual. We're a great match at pool, I don't think either of us is better. I dominated this time, which is always cool.

I've tried other pool halls, but Fats is in a whole different league. To be fair, I made this decision while you could still smoke inside public places in SLC. Fats was the only pool hall with no smoking allowed that had enough tables that you could actually get one, and enough action that you feel like you're out. The other pool halls might be better now that they don't stink, but it's too late, Fats has already wooed me. I love the food there too, so delicious. For awhile we were sad because it looked like Fats wasn't doing great, but they recently got a liquor license so they can sell more than just beer and it seems to have really helped.

Oct 18, 2010

Beco Gemini Carrier

Long story short, I already had a Bjorn carrier. I loved it but it killed my shoulders and basically past the age of a few months it was clearly inferior to the Ergo or the Beco carriers. I bought the Beco last week. It's nice. If you're actually in the market for a carrier you may want to read on because I'm about to ramble about the details of the Bjorn, Beco, and Ergo carriers. If you're not, check out the new carrier. Tim's wearing her in the hip position.

I have a Bjorn carrier already that I used all the time when Munchies was smaller.  After she got to be a few months old she was too heavy to carry comfortably in the Bjorn for more than half an hour, not that that stopped me from using it constantly. It was pretty much a necessity at the grocery store until she could sit up in the cart at around 6 months. My shoulders were always killing me by the time I got finished.

I still think the Bjorn is an awesome carrier for tiny babies. It's a more of a secure pocket than the beco or ergo carriers. However, it puts all the weight on your shoulders and doesn't have a waist belt. It also can't carry a baby in any position other than on your front. Which gets to be a bit of a problem when your baby is big enough that you're always trying to peer around her head when walking around. The Bjorn is less comfortable for your baby too, she's hanging by her crotch only instead of fully seated with the weight of her body on her butt and thighs the way she is in the Ergo carrier and the Beco carriers.

I knew I wanted the Ergo, the Beco Butterfly, or the Beco Gemini. I fairly quickly ruled out the Butterfly because it's only advantage over the Gemini and Ergo is it's got an inside panel, which makes your baby on your back a little easier. But, I figured plenty of women manage with the other two carriers, it can't be that hard. The Ergo and the Gemini can both do back carry, hip carry, or front carry. But, the Gemini can do front carry baby facing front. Which lots of people rabidly claim is terrible for your baby because she's going to get overstimulated and can't see your face. They can say what they will, but Munchies gasps, shrieks with joy, and smiles at people like crazy facing front, you simply can't deny that she enjoys it. I tried the Ergo and Gemini on side by side and found that they felt almost the same on me, except for the hip padding on the Ergo didn't quite extend far enough to cover my hip bones. The Ergo seemed like it might have felt slightly lighter on my shoulders due to the way the baby sits. The ergo is designed so Munchies armpits were rubbing against the carrier when her arms were out as they're supposed to be. The Gemini has more padding where her armpits are, as well as rounded cutouts for her arms. The Gemini comes up higher behind her with the headrest portion folded up, which meant she could lean her head back against it sleeping or not. The Ergo has a sleeping hood, but it totally blocks her vision if she wears it not sleeping. The Ergo has superior padding in the shoulders and hip belt, and a superior sternum buckle. Basically, the Ergo is built stronger and better, while the Beco has the superior design. Although, even the Beco could be greatly improved upon in my opinion. I had to choose the Beco because it was more comfortable on Munchies armpits and she could lean her head back.

I'm considering working up the motivation to design my own carrier and try to market it. It seems like a daunting task, but I think it would truly be better than any of the carriers I've read about. Hmmm.

Oct 17, 2010

MSPI Going Away?!

Since Munchies is getting close to a year old, which is when MSPI often resolves itself in babies, I thought I'd try reintroducing traces of milk, soy, and eggs into my diet. I started with just adding creamer into my coffee last Friday, then I had chocolate chip cookies, a couple of sips of milk, mac n' cheese, delicious cookies made by Laura involving shortbread, caramel and chocolate, annnnnnd... nothing. No reaction from Munchies so far. No blood in her poop, no super upset baby. I hope I'm not jumping the gun, but tomorrow I'm going to the grocery store and stocking up on all of the stuff I haven't been able to eat for the past 6 months. Ham and cheese sandwiches, grilled cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream, and MILK. Ohhhhh, milk. I used to drink 2 gallons of you myself every week. How I've missed you. Almond milk is not the same, I've used it in my cereal this past half year, but I've never been able to drink it alone with a meal. I'm so excited for milk!

Oct 11, 2010

Mule Hollow

Laura and I started this hike a couple of months ago, but we haven't ventured back since. I figured since it's a pretty steep one, maybe it would be best to just do it with Tim and have him carry Munchies. It's 1300 feet in 1.2 miles, which really is quite a steep climb.

We had fun. It was one of those hikes where the conversation is flowing and fun the whole time. Hiking often is that way I think. At home there are lots of distractions, but on a hike you can talk with nothing else going on. Plus, you have a clear head and an active mind because your blood is pumping. We talked about how ridiculous it is to think you're a more moral person than someone else because they happen to be gay (lots of talk about this subject on Facebook right now because of the speech on the matter during the lds conference). This got us on a religious and then political train of thought and we had lots to discuss from there.

The hike is cool because Mule Hollow is it's own tiny side canyon off of Big Cottonwood canyon. The walls are close on each side and it feels very closed in. When you get to the top there are views of mountains from all sides.

There's also some old mining equipment and tracks.

Munchies' hands were cold even extremely bundled up so I just kept layering on more clothes until she looked like the kid from A Christmas Story. Finally she warmed up.

 Later we went to REI and got her this warm outfit. It's got feet and hand covers that flip over. It's going to be much nicer to be able to put her in this instead of having to layer so many thinner clothes to get her warm. We also got her a very warm hat and gloves.

 Here's a video from the top. Note my agile spear throw.

Now, if you find yourself in a video type of mood, here's a 19 second video of Munchies modeling her new winter suit.

Oct 10, 2010


I wish I could say this pose was my idea, but alas it was my brother Eric who did it first. Although, who's to say, maybe he stole it from somewhere too?

Oct 6, 2010

10 Months

First of all, I forgot to include this in my post about her trip to see my grandpa.

Milestones: This month she learned to sit up on her own easily. Last month she had done it, but she wasn't a pro yet. Now she sits herself up all the time. She isn't exactly crawling, but she creeps along commando style. She gets up on her hands and knees often, and crawls some that way, but not exclusively yet. She's still slow at crawling. She pulls herself up on things, but doesn't walk alongside them yet. She can support her weight standing well, but her balance needs to improve to do it on her own. She can do pretty well holding my hand though. She's got 4 teeth, two top, two bottom.

Likes: She loves music. Her leg will often kick to the beat. She loves reading, she giggles when I get out a book. Turning the pages is probably her favorite part. She also likes to feel her touch and feel books. She seems to recognize people and animals in books. She gets very excited when she sees close up pictures of babies.  She loves animals and gets excited when any of our pets are nearby.

Games: She learned to clap. Then I tried just asking her to clap without clapping myself, and found out that she knows the word already. It's so cute to ask her to clap and see how excited she gets to play along. She also loves to play along if I start blowing raspberries. She still loves peek a boo in any context. She seems to think it's funny to make noise when she's being bounced on Tim's knee.

Food: I'm still breast feeding her and have a hard time getting her to eat much else. She isn't a fan of eating with a spoon. She'll eat a few spoonfuls, but then she'd rather grab the spoon and get the contents all over herself than eat them. She likes to pick up food herself and eat it, but she never eats a lot that way either. Part of the problem is how limited I am in what I can give her due to her MSPI. The good news is, babies start growing out of that around a year old, two years would be the very latest. It's probably time for me to do a test and make sure she's even still got a reaction. The one thing she seems to really like is my avocado smoothie, she will sip quite a lot of that happily and even tries to grab the glass if I'm not prompt enough at giving her the next sip.

Sleep: Sleep has not been great since around 6 months old. However, I recently started a new plan to get her sleeping better. It's too soon to say for sure how well it's working, but it does seem to be helping.

Oct 5, 2010

Vacation to visit my grandparents - Day 6 and 7

First thing after we woke up Tim and my dad headed to my grandpa's house to put in a new floor. It was going to take "3-4 hours". Everyone knows home improvement never runs on schedule.

My mom and I dawdled getting ready and headed down to the pool for a little bit. Around noon we arrived at my grandpa's house to find this.

There were some problems, which I won't get into, but basically things underneath the old floor were not as expected. My mom jumped in to help. I helped only a tiny bit when Munchies was napping or else occupied in her playpen. There were a lot of very strong fumes at one point when the new subfloor was being installed, so Munchies and I were banished for a couple of hours to the other side of the house.

It did give me a chance to go out to lunch with my grandpa and spend lots of time out on his fabulous front porch.

Around 11 PM the floor looked like this. A huge improvement. Tim and I had both started to come down with Munchie's cold and we were ready for bed.

The next morning, only slightly tired we headed back to Dallas. I kept falling asleep on the 3 hour drive so I was feeling pretty good by the time we arrived. We had two layovers to get home. Munchies was her usual charismatic self on the plane. On the flight home there was a man across the aisle from us who looked just like Vin Diesel, except hotter. Much hotter. I was forced to confide in Tim that this man was in possession of the sexiest man lips ever seen. You just can't hold back information like that. Tim always points out chicks who have fantastic boobs ect. to me, this was my chance to reciprocate. Except, somehow, a woman checking out another woman is more natural. But, the point is, he had to admit that it was true.

Then we drove home and went to bed.

The end.

Oct 4, 2010

Kitchen Floor - Check

Remember this? Two years fly by when your kitchen floor looks like it belongs to a burned down cabin. Tim finally sanded it down and sealed it. I can mop again. Yay?

Oct 3, 2010

Vacation to see my grandparents - Day 5

Munchies was feeling better the next morning. Her fever was gone and she was just left with a stuffy nose. I'm glad I packed the booger sucker, I'll tell you that. It got a lot of use on this trip. We hopped in the car and drove 3 hours to my grandpa's. The drive looked like this.

I have a lot of memories of my grandparents house. It's still got the same smell it's always had, like pages in an old book. It wasn't the same knowing my grandma wouldn't be inside to offer warm hugs and her infectious laugh. She passed away last fall. She led a life to envy. Long and full with plenty of kids and a 63 year marriage.

We arrived more fashionably than last time we visited. Last time everyone was standing around in the front yard, my brothers, my sister in law, 3 uncles, my aunt, and both of my parents. Tim pulled up to the curb and promptly rubbed the front tire along a strange sharp place in the curb which caused the tire to pop loudly, attracting the attention of all. Tim and I weren't even married yet, just engaged, and he still feels sheepish about the incident. It was actually a good bonding experience though, with everyone springing into action to get a new tire and get it on the car. As I was saying, this time we were more cool. We strolled into the kitchen to make our entrance. My parents were both already there along with two of my uncles and my grandpa.

It was fun to introduce Munchies to everyone. She especially loved listening to my grandpa play harmonica, she was mesmerized.

 I wasn't sure he would be quite as into her as my grandma has been, since men aren't usually quite the suckers for babies that women are. I was wrong. He never tired of interacting with her. It was adorable.

That night my uncle had his friend come by with her guitar to play some songs. She is a music teacher. She and Tim played guitar and everyone sang along. She knew a lot of great songs that we all knew too. Munchies loved listening to the music. I haven't been around babies other than her a whole lot, but she seems to enjoy music quite a lot. Her leg starts jerking in time to the beat often when there's a catchy song on. She's fairly accurate about keeping on the beat too, it's pretty funny.

That day my dad and Tim decided that they must replace the floor in the kitchen. They got all the materials so as to be ready for an early start.
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