Dec 28, 2009

Three Weeks Post Partum

Huh. Well, it seems the weight is not magically melting off. Which leads me to the following video.


I started working out again on my elliptical a few days ago. It can be tricky finding a time to work out between feedings when Zoey is napping and not fussy. I realized strapping her in the baby bjorn and wearing her during my work out is the way to go. Just today I found that if I position her right she has a little window to look out of. She really seems to like this for the amount of time that she can manage to stay awake. However, the baby bjorn ultimately relaxes her so much that she can't help but take a nice nap.

It seems I have nearly 15 pounds to lose. In a way its kind of exciting because I've never had to work at losing weight before but I've always felt that I could if I needed to, and now I have a point to prove to myself. I can't wait for weather warm enough that I can take jogs and walks with Zoey in the stroller. I also plan to get a lot of use out of the baby bjorn hiking this summer. Last summer I got kinda short changed on my hiking season because during pregnancy I got a side pain that lasted the whole second half of the pregnancy. This summer I'm going to take full advantage of having a capable body again, yay!


  1. Her little face is so cute! Great idea. You have to be creative in getting workout time in. It's a challenge.

  2. Great idea, using the baby bjorn during a workout. You have Zoey right there so you don't have to worry about her at all. Seems like she likes the exercise.

  3. That is a pretty brilliant idea with the baby bjorn. Oh, summer is gonna be such a dream, being able to hike all around with the baby strapped right to you. I really hope it's gonna be as great as I'm picturing.

  4. I love it! Very good idea. And all your talk of going hiking is getting me so excited for summer. Be sure to invite your 'ol friend Monica on some of your hiking long as Zoey doesn't mind me tagging along, of course.

  5. That's the raddest idea ever! I love that you posted a video of it too! She looks sooo content. It's adorable! Yeah, it took a few weeks for me to get close to my pre-pregnancy weight again. I actually am not even sure when I'm at now, but a month ago (when Ryker was about 1 & 1/2 months old) I was at 120, which is about 5 lbs above my pre-prego weight. I'm sure, with you exercising, you'll get back to your pre-prego weight a lot faster than me. I STILL haven't exercised yet. LOL

  6. Alexis, you're doing awesome on your weight! I've got only a little over one week left until Zoey is 1.5 months old and I'm over 10 pounds more than my pre prego weight. Plus my pre prego weight was 5 pounds over my ideal anyway.


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