Dec 14, 2009

One Week Post Partum

Eeek! Turns out I don't fit into any of my pre pregnancy pants. I'm feeling plenty good enough to hop back on the elliptical, but I've been told I'm supposed to wait a few weeks for that. I seriously doubt I'll be able to hold out that long. I do think with all of the breast feeding, carrying Zoey around, and forgetting to eat, the weight loss shouldn't be too tough. I'm gonna keep taking weekly pictures so I can see some evidence that something is happening.

Remember when I was all excited my boobs grew when I was pregnant? Well, now it isn't as exciting. They're too big now. They make me really think anyone who gets a boob job is insane. Immobile boobs just aren't practical. They're supposed to squish, its so much more comfortable.

It's awesome how good I feel to be as much lighter as I am already. Getting huge was a gradual thing, so even though I knew I was uncomfortable I adjusted slowly. Getting small (er) was immediate, so I've been able to really feel how huge the difference is. My back pain is totally gone, side pain close to gone, and it is heaven to be rid of those darn T-Rex arms. I can go for so much longer without having to pee. I can sleep for much longer stretches of time, even with frequent baby feedings. It feels so good!!


  1. I'm pretty excited about your weekly PP pictures. Brilliant idea.

  2. I predict you'll be in your regular clothes in a month. Six weeks tops.

  3. I could not agree with you more about the boobs. They were great until the end of the pregnancy & especially with breast-feeding! Women with boob jobs are nuts!

  4. At least you are more comfortable now than you were last week! Your boob remarks brought back all kinds of memories, some of them are very funny, but yeah. When I had big breastfeeding boobs I was glad that it wasn't permanent.

  5. I could of told you that it takes time to get back to normal. Remember your wedding...Lucas was only 2 weeks old and I still looked like I was pregnant! And those pictures will be in your album forever.


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