My lil Zoey is two weeks old

These two weeks have really flown by. Not that I have anything to compare to, but it seems like Zoey is a really easy baby. I'm having a much easier time than I thought I would. Most people say having a newborn=sleep deprivation, and I'm not very good with sleep deprivation. That's not how it's been with Zoey at all. Now, it does sometimes take me nearly 12 hours to get my 8 hours of sleep, but I do get it. If I feed her right before I go to sleep I can usually do just two feedings during the time I'm sleeping. It takes around an hour to feed her, change her, and get her back to sleep. Sometimes it takes longer if she doesn't want to go back to sleep. But, just within the last few days its starting to seem like she is getting on a schedule. She has been a lot easier to get back to sleep. It helps that I've learned a few tricks. For example, change her before feeding her. That one helps a lot. Changing her wakes her right up. Also, after she quits eating, I swaddle her and then see if she wants some more of the good stuff before she falls asleep. She always does. And then she'll often drift off while eating. These tricks have really helped. Soon she should be old enough and have enough weight on her that I can try dropping one of her night time feedings. I have to wake her up to eat almost every time anyway, so I think she would be fine with eating less often at night. However, I've been told I shouldn't let her go more than 4 hrs yet from the start of one feeding to the start of the next. I'm really not sure when that rule ends... this is something I need to look up. My mom says by the time my brothers and I were a month old we slept 8 hrs at night. That sounds preeetty awesome.

I feel lucky about it a lack of baby blues. It seems like baby blues might largely be because of severe sleep deprivation, so perhaps my lack of sleep deprivation is why I haven't had them. Sometimes it is hard when Zoey gets really fussy and cries for long periods of time after being fed and changed. From the times she has done that I have seen a glimpse of how these baby blues come about. It sucks to not be able to figure out what your baby wants and have to just listen to her scream.

Tim is such a good daddy. He is always willing to help with diapers or with getting Zoey back to sleep if I'm getting stressed out. He has this adorable voice that he uses with her that really seems to work to calm her down. It's hilarious and so sweet. He loves to hold her and play with her when she is awake. I love watching him be a dad.

He's even teaching her to play the guitar already. She doesn't seem too interested yet...

Being a new parent is a little overwhelming in ways. All of the responsibility lies on Tim and I to make sure this little girl gets everything she needs to be happy and successful in life. It's impossible not to be intimidated by that, even though I know all we can do is our best.

I still spend a lot of time staring at her. She's just so sweet and beautiful. I know there's a chance I could be biased. But I figure it's not likely. I've never gotten all that into holding newborns before, they all just seem kind of the same. But with Zoey it's totally different. I see so much expression and personality in her already. It's been the most amazing two weeks of my life.


  1. Now that you have had a baby, you will mostly like be enamored of new babies. I never cared for babies. People would say, "Oh, doesn't it make you want to have one?" And I'd think, "No."

    Now I don't want one but I sure like to hold them and wouldn't mind a grandchild eventually, when the time is right. As a matter of fact, I'd love to hold Zoey!

    Enjoy it all!

  2. Maybe she'll help Tim play guitar for our Christmas carols. I'm so glad she's turned out to be an easy baby. She just seems to love looking around at her new world and taking it all in.

  3. Zoey looks like a radiant little angel, soaking up the love in Tess and Tim's arms. Lucky baby!

  4. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  5. I LOVE the pics of Zoey! What a little heartbreaker already! I can't wait to meet her in person someday (soon, I hope). :)


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