Christmas Spirit

Even though I'm not religious I still like to get into the Christmas spirit. I like having traditions, and I'm excited to make more of them as our family grows. This year we changed the tradition a little, and got an artificial tree. Normally we go to my parents house the day after Thanksgiving and we go together to cut down a tree for each family. I'm a little sad to give up that tradition, but Tim really wanted to quit cutting down innocent little trees just to throw them away a month later. He really is a softie. Just the other day he refused to allow me to let Sadie eat up a spider she had her eye on. Anyway, we scored a tree off of KSL for a pretty good price and I'm happy with it. It's got lights permanently wrapped around it already so it's kinda nice not to have to do that part of decorating. It's got pine cones too, which I think are cute. We listened to Christmas music last night and decorated the tree, now it looks perty. We did have a small debate over whether the silvery transparent ribbon looks like the tree was toilet papered or weather it looks pretty. No consensus has been reached. And I hung stockings, three of them this year.

I have to include this gem. I thought I was posing for a picture. I can't stop laughing at this video because I look so awkward. It's great.


  1. The tree looks pretty. Can't tell it's not real.
    Tim might consider letting you know when he's taking video instead of a single shot!

  2. You guys did a great job decorating it! - Anna

  3. Well if you really want to push the toilet papered look, you could always cut the ribbon into 4-foot and 6-foot strips and throw them haphazardly at the tree. That would just about do it. As it is, it's just not looking right at all. The tree could be on display in a department store by the looks of it right now. It's all very darling. The video's pretty awesome too but it's too bad that you can't make out your facial expression. That'd make it like ten times funnier I'm sure.


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