Week 39 - Progress?

Monday night I started having some menstrual type cramps that went on for about 7 hours. When that was happening Zoey got more active than she has ever been. I was joking around that she was in her aerobics class. She was moving so much that Tim the calm one of the two of us got worried something was going wrong in there and busted out the stethoscope to make sure her heart rate sounded normal, which it did. I was feeling confident that I was either in very early labor or about to experience explosive diarrhea. When the cramping and the aerobics class finally wound down I got some sleep and woke up the next day with a belly that appeared noticeably lower than the previous day. At my appointment a couple of days later my stomach measured lower and the midwife checked me out and said that Zoey is at a lower station than before (a -1 for the record), just meaning that her head dropped some into my pelvis. An average I've heard a lot is that with a first time pregnancy labor often happens about two weeks after the baby drops, which would put me a little under a week overdue. That also fits pretty well with the average first time pregnancy lasting about a week longer than 40 weeks. We're predicting she will arrive December 8th or 9th, I had to write it down here so we can get psychic credit if she does arrive one of those days. Tim's wager is on the 8th, mine on the 9th. Anyway, I'm happy that something different has happened, it makes me feel more confident that the proper things are going on and that I won't have to worry about weather to induce or not if she is going on two weeks late.

The only different thing going on other than the dropping is that yesterday I started getting what I assume is sciatic pain on one side, which would be consistent with the baby dropping. It was so bad that I had to hobble around leaning back really far if I wanted to avoid very sharp pain shooting down my butt. It isn't a very productive way to walk around if you're wondering. Today it feels a little bit better so maybe I just slept weird the night before or pulled something.

I've got lots of newborn onesies now thanks to Monica and Sammy! Thanks so much to both of you!


  1. Sorry to hear about the back pain. I hope it doesn't stay around long.
    Where is this week's photo?

  2. I was wondering about the photo too, but then I did enjoy the 37 weeks mosaic on facebook. Hope the sciatica doesn't last too long. You're in the home stretch!

  3. Oh man, I've gotta get in on this wager...I'm gonna go ahead and say 10 days.

  4. I do have a photo, just didn't get it off the camera in time. Seems like I look the same the past few weeks anyway. Oh, but the sciatica is much improved today, yay!

    Wait just a minute Laura... are you trying to get away with something? 10 days seems awfully generic. You could then win if she was 10 days late, 10 days later than today, or maybe even on the 10th. I think you need to further commit or else you might not qualify for the spectacular prize.


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