We normally spend Thanksgiving with Tim's family here in SLC and then head over to my parents for the weekend and a slightly late Thanksgiving there. This year we skipped the trip to visit my parents since I'm getting so close to the due date I figured being a few hours from our hospital of choice wouldn't be a great idea. My parents did happen to be in town the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and it was nice to spend some time hanging out with them here even though my pre-Thanksgiving meal of grilled cheese and very burned tomato soup was sorta lacking.

I made pecan pies and a few other easier pies for Tim's family's Thanksgiving. I'd never made pecan pie but my mom's is delicious and she gave me the recipe which turned out to be really easy to make. All who tried it were very impressed. Tim's family provided a huge meal of ham, turkey, and all of the side dishes you could want.

I drilled Tim's sisters about their labors and all of the sisters were agreeing that one sister's 11 hour labor was soooo long. 11 hours total. From first contraction to birth. Uhhh... yeah, I will sign up for that right NOW. I'm so jealous of their talent at birthing children. I sure hope I find out I'm talented that way too. I'm a little scared because on my dad's side of the family the children had enormous heads and needed to be born by c-section. Then on my mom's side the babies weren't positioned right, we were transverse, and had to be born via c-section. Now lets add in the frightening manner in which my skin is displaying it's total inability to stretch at all and thus is shredding apart around my stomach. That sure doesn't bode well for my nether regions ability to stretch. I keep imagining ending up with a vagass. I'd say that's definitely my number one fear of birth. Ooohhh... I'm shuddering in horror right now. Lets change the subject. Oh yeah, Thanksgiving. Why am I talking about a vagass instead of Thanksgiving? Terrible decision. I apologize. New paragraph needed.

Ahhh. Much better. After eating we played games and had a lot of fun doing that. One game was really hilarious and had us all laughing most of the time. Next we played Rummycube, which Tim and I had to play again the next day and probably will play again today because we're hooked.


  1. Anna here. Ahh Rumikube! The first time my family played we had to go out and buy our own because we were hooked. It's been a while since I've played but yeah cheap entertainment for hours. The kids love something called apples to apples, I haven't tried it yet but the kids laugh so hard when they play that. Almost time 4 more days, WOOHOO! You can do it I have complete faith in ya.

  2. I love the game of rumikube! It reminds me of my grandparents. We use to play it all the time when we would visit them.

    can't wait for baby to come.

  3. Sounds like a very nice Thanksgiving dinner.
    Sure hope you fall in line with Tim's sisters for a quick and relatively easy delivery.

  4. ahahaha vagass

    and, ew. vagass. and ow.

    so best of luck to you. I can't wait to see that adorable basketball you've been smuggling.


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