Maternity Leave

I'm on maternity leave now. I started it a little early because my back hates to sit for long periods of time. Plus the extra time to get everything ready and relax some is going to be really nice. I'm going to get in lots of reading while I can.

Friday my department got me a cake and the VP announced that they had to throw me this little get together "even though you're coming back, RIIIIIGGGHHHHTTT?" Apparently he suspects that I will not be. I haven't decided for sure, but I do think odds are I won't. I don't want to close the door just yet though, I plan to just see how it's going when my 12 weeks are up. Construction isn't exactly booming and it would be nice to be able to be on a group health insurance plan through my work. It was really sweet that they got me a cake though and I felt all warm and fuzzy.

Tim is almost done refinishing a cheapo dresser/changing table we scored for $25 off of KSL. He's doing a great job and I think it's going to look perfect. Then I can wash all of the cute 'lil teeny tiny baby clothes and get them all put away. After that the nursery is basically ready to go. We haven't painted the mural I planned yet, but if that slips through the cracks I won't mind, at least everything functional that I can think of is ready.

I'll post my 37 week picture soon. The last couple of weeks my weight gain seems to have leveled off, which is nice because I'm just 4 pounds shy of a 30 pound gain and that's more than I thought I would gain. That doesn't mean my tummy isn't still growing though, just that apparently a big baby decreases the appetite. From what I've read, Zoey is probably gaining around half a pound every week this month.


  1. It's getting close now for sure. 12 weeks will seem too soon to go back to work, but it's good to keep your options open. Six months seemed too long! Working part-time was a good blend.

  2. Nice that your work gave you a little party.
    Half a pound a week? I didn't realize she was gaining that much. Can't be too much longer.

  3. Yeah... I'm sure you're right that 12 weeks will seem too soon. I'm sure it will be like the blink of an eye.

    Well, that's the average I think, half a pound a week. If she's a bit smaller than average then she might not be quite hitting that mark.


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