I'm almost back to the car!

I'm really excited to meet Zoey and get going on being a mom, but it seems kind of abstract right now. I can't begin to actually picture it. The fact that I've never been around any babies much probably has something to do with it. But, I'll tell you what I can imagine and find myself craving lately, having mobility back and not feeling physically like a very elderly lady. I daydream about this summer when Zoey ought to be starting to sleep regularly and I can go running in the mornings and hiking on the weekends again without side pain, and with the effect of getting smaller instead of larger. The day when my stomach doesn't constantly feel like I just ate the biggest meal of my life and I might never digest it. I'm starting to get a few stretch marks on my stomach and the skin definitely feels like it looks, like it's splitting apart from the strain. Holding her on the outside is going to be so much more practical. Being able to sleep in different positions than just on my side makes the list of cravings for sure. And of course other stuff done in bed is rather limited position wise right now too so more position options there go on the list. Being able to reach the water handles or soap when I'm washing my hands at the kitchen sink, there's a good one. The counter is at mid tummy level, so I can't lean in very close, damn T rex arms strike again! Standing up from the couch or getting out of the car without noticeable effort, because my stomach hits my thighs before I can lean forward enough to get my center of gravity over my legs. Not having my back hurt when I sit at my desk at work and then hurt the whole night as a result. Fortunately this Friday is my last day at work and then my maternity leave starts. So I may get to knock this one off my list of cravings this Friday I hope. Basically it's just like being on the hike home after a long backpacking trip. You can't stop thinking about how good certain foods and a hot shower are going to be. The anticipation is overwhelming. You vow never to take that shower for granted again. I'm just getting so excited now that I'm getting close to the metaphorical car!! Most of this pregnancy I've felt really comfortable and also just really lucky and glad to be able to be pregnant at all, due to the year it took to get this way in the first place. So I feel a little guilty complaining at all. Overall I'm more comfortable than I thought I'd be in the 9th month. I am still working out on my elliptical almost every day without any problems and I'm really happy I've been able to do that. I can still shave my legs and tie my shoes too, woohoo! I'm uncomfortable in certain instances that are becoming more often, but there are lots of times when she gets the hiccups or starts dancing around that make it so worth it, and I haven't even met her yet.


  1. Hang in there, Tess! Just reading this post makes me more excited for you than ever. You're going to be a great mom.

  2. lol, just picturing you trying to reach the handle of the kitchen sink and being thwarted it pretty hilarious. You're on the home stretch, that's for sure. It's pretty awesome. :)

  3. The reaching is a lot harder when you're short anyway.
    Ah, it's an inconvenient time, but pregnancy will be over soon, and having Zoey will be FUN!

  4. Oh man I'm so excited for you to be a mama!
    Also hahaha t-rex arms!


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