Halloween and a 35 week picture

I finally downloaded some pictures from Halloween at work. As you can see, I should have won the costume contest but some guy won for dressing up as Elvis and second place was a guy dressed as a nurse. Obviously these two fellows paid off the judges. At least I was able to spread joy at work and that's what matters.

We didn't get around to buying pumpkins until Halloween evening. We went to a pumpkin patch and when we walked in a guy had just selected two large pumpkins and was told how much they would cost. We picked out two pumpkins around the same size, and were told they would be two dollars cheaper than the last guy's. We were convinced that we were being favored for some reason. But when we got home and started carving it became apparent that Tim's pumpkin was rotten. Which should have been obvious I guess since its skin was all wrinkly. Tim liked the wrinkly skin, but he did have to pay a price for it smelling rotten pumpkin the whole time he was carving. At least he did use his rotosaw to carve the pumpkins so it was a pretty fast deal. It cracked me up that he used a power tool for the pumpkins, but it was nice to finish them up so fast.

We got such a late start that we didn't even get the pumpkins out on the porch until trick or treaters had been showing up for a good hour.

After the pumpkins were proudly displayed Tim hopped into his baby costume to hand out candy. The kids got a kick out of it and he got quite a few laughs.

After the trick or treaters tapered off we watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I always thought was just so so, but it's grown on me and lately I'm really into it.

Here is my week 35 picture. This is a big belly.


  1. Yes, the belly/baby is growing!
    Tim is a cute baby. I do hope your child starts out a bit smaller, though.
    Costume contest was obviously rigged. The cow should have taken the prize.
    Hilarious that Tim used power tools on the pumpkin. That's probably a first.

  2. You were robbed. And wow, filling out that costume while you're at it. You are almost to the official Shamu-the-Killer -Whale-Stage.


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