Baby room complete

No wall hangings or mural yet, but the things I really wanted done are. I even washed all of the baby blankets and clothes and put them away in the dresser. I found out that I only have 3 newborn onesies. For some reason I thought I had a whole lot. I do have a lot of 0-3 month old clothes, but it looks like I need to do a little shopping on the newborn clothes front. Hopefully I can find someone selling used stuff that looks brand new like I did with the other clothes I bought. That was awesome.
Here is Tim working away on the dresser. Let me just say he didn't label the bin over his head. I just needed to clear the air there. The dresser started out white with dark green drawers, not my ideal color combo, but then again it did cost only $25.
Here it is after he finished. It kind of looks black here, but it is the same color as the crib, a dark brown.

Here's a very professional video so you can see a better perspective. It was hard to get much in the pictures at the same time because the room is so small.

This room is normally kept closed so I don't have to vaccuum dog hair and now that it's open Howard is so curious. He keeps cautiously sniffing things and then leaping out of the danger zone if I move something. He is way too curious to stay away even though his better judgement is screaming that he needs to. Howard has really been extra cute lately in general. I always hear how dogs sense something is different when you're pregnant and never noticed any changes in my dogs, but Howard has been awfully clingy lately. If there isn't enough space for him on my side of the couch when Tim and I are watching TV he will stand next to me pathetically eyeing me until I give him room to come up. Even if there is only one foot of space available he will go for it, wedging himself in, so relieved that he has made it up. He does always love to be next to me on the couch, but not usually to the point where he will spend more than a minute or two asking to come up. Now he gets OCD about it and acts like he just cannot possibly lay on the floor instead like he normally would.


  1. I absolutely love the room! Looks like it belongs in a catalog! And good luck with the dogs. Ours started "sensing" something there towards the end, got extra clingy, followed me everywhere, & it never stopped. It got to the point where when Kylee was born I was tripping over the dogs while walking down the stairs etc. You shouldn't quite have that problem becz your dogs are much bigger than ours, but the clinginess doesn't really stop. They just get more & more jealous & needy. I miss them! :(

  2. I love the pink and brown elephant theme. Can't wait to see the baby in your arms in the rocking chair at 2 a.m.!

  3. The room looks great! Everything's ready (except the mural). I think I recognize a couple of the stuffed animals...
    Funny that Howard is so curious about the room. Wait until there's a baby in there. He'll be trying to get in all the time.

  4. Thanks for the compliments!

    It'll be interesting to see if Howard gets more clingy. And yes, I think he's going to be very very curious about the baby. It'll be interesting to watch his and Sadie's behavior.

  5. Anna here..
    How are you? Gosh it's been a long week, and it hasn't been a full week yet. When Alec was born Kency (my dog) would go nuts everytime he cried she would come over where ever I would be to let me know the baby was crying and pushed me towards him. I don't know if it's the type of dog she is or her maternal instincts but it was quite cool to have such a motherly dog around. She takes good care of us even now at her old age. Take care and I sure do miss you around here.


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