37 Weeks

I think this must officially be what mountain mama refers to as the Shamu the Killer Whale stage of pregnancy. I'm not feeling any more uncomfortable now than when I wrote that whiny post a week or so ago, I'm hoping this means the discomfort has leveled out. I looked my pregnancy counter thing on this blog yesterday and saw that it said 17 days. 17 days seems so soon! Even though my money is on her being late. I'm thinking about a week late. Just late enough that I'll start panicking over whether or not to be induced, but then I think she will come before I have to be. Are you listening Zoey?


  1. You don't look like a killer whale, but you do look like you swallowed a basketball.
    Not much longer!

  2. Your baby counter says 15 days today...man, that's just a shade over 2 weeks. Pretty crazy. And I'd venture to say that it's real safe at this point for even total strangers to assume that you're pregnant. I think even I'd be bold enough to comment on it. Were I a stranger, I mean.

  3. The rest of you looks so tiny! I always thought the Shamu stage referred to the killer mood induced by ungainly size. I guess it can mean whatever you want it to be. Best wishes for a smooth delivery soon!!

  4. Yep, I think people might know that I'm pregnant now. It's possible.

    Ah, I see now with the Shamu stage what you meant. I do feel very ungainly that's for sure. Thanks for the good wishes!


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