Things that make me laugh

This video of Tim. He found that he could use his mouth to make an eyelid for a gummy eyeball and make it look around and blink. I can't tell if this is technically funny, but I couldn't stop laughing.

Doing sexy strip teases for Tim in my clearly not sexy state. I like to dramatically whirl my stomach around inbetween sensual gyrating. He laughs at me and thinks I'm funny, but it's hard to say whether he thinks it's amusing that I'm cracking myself up so hard, or weather the actual dancing itself is funny. I win either way.

The fact that Howard goes to bed before I do. He always disappears around 9 PM and can be found after that time on his futon totally crashed out. He can't be moved either, most dogs perk up when they hear a noise, but when Howard goes to bed he is in a deep sleep until morning. Being a guard dog is not his calling.

I'm still laughing when I remember this incident in the bedroom from last week. Okay, not that kind of incident. More like the kind where Tim was spooning me and breathing so loudly that I couldn't fall asleep, so I used a tactic I often employ and stuck an earplug in that ear. I was woken up who knows how much later by Tim sitting up suddenly and hissing as loudly as possible. After I recovered from my near heart attack I found out that Ember had been yowling at the top of his lungs for awhile. Tim thought we were both awake feeling annoyed and he was acting on my behalf as well by hissing in order to scare Ember off.

I've saved the best for last, this picture Tim had me take of him while we were doing my maternity photo shoot:


  1. I found the eyeball trick more disturbing than funny. Different laughs for different folks I guess, but I do love Tim's pregnancy shot.

  2. he eyelid thing is a little gross.
    If Tim ever runs for any office, even dogcatcher, he's sunk with that photo online! Funny though.


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