Falling Behind and 34 week Observations

It seems I'm falling behind on the blog. It would be cool if I had some reason for it like I've been creating some new invention that's gonna make me a billionaire. But, the truth is I've just been feeling lazy and haven't been doing much that makes for interesting blogging material.

I turned 28 and to celebrate I took the day off of work. Then Tim took me shopping to get a camcorder because we've been wanting one for when Zoey is born. We couldn't decide on one that day, but finally we ordered one online. It came today and I'm impressed. It's a Sanyo Xcacti. It is a regular camera and a camcorder in one because I only wanted to carry around one and not both. Also my regular camera isn't very impressive so I'm not too attached to it. Soon I'll download the pictures I've taken so far and post them here along with some video.

My belly has gotten pretty large, to the point where I'm fairly limited as to what I can do physically. I can still work out on my elliptical with no problems, but walking more than a mile is tricky because I've got this new stabbing pain that seems to be originating from the cervix area. Oops, is that too graphic? Oh, well. I'm sure it's because the baby has her head down now and that must be causing more pressure than before. Also new is not being able to sleep more than a couple hours at a time tops, between hip pain, shoulder pain, and having to pee. It's kind of a hassle, but because I fall back asleep right away, it hasn't affected me too much really. I do think its hilarious that my physical condition is so similar now to very very elderly person's. "Oooohhhh... my hip," I'll exclaim after laying on one side for two hours. Because I can't twist my torso very well with the big belly, and can't lean forward very far because my belly hits my thighs and stops me, it seems like my arms are not long enough lately. I like to call them my little T-rex arms. Poor things often struggle to reach what they want to.

In my last post I mentioned that I thought Zoey must sleep at night because I never get woken up by her moving. Turns out it's me who is a really good sleeper when she is moving. The other night I was asleep and my stomach was touching Tim's side. He was awake and said Zoey was at the disco, he could feel her really well making all kinds of huge movements and I just snoozed right through it.

Feeling her move almost all the time is one really cool thing about this stage of pregnancy. That and knowing that meeting her is actually going to happen soon makes the uncomfortable things not too bad. Really, I think I was expecting to be more uncomfortable than I am with the 9th month just about to begin.

Today I dressed up again as a cow for work and entered into the yearly costume contest. People seemed to enjoy the costume and running around work as a cow was fun. It was a little bit of a pain because my stomach sticks out far enough without the 4 inch cow nipples bumping into everything. I may have accidentally molested a few people with my nipples. I should really post some pictures right now, but who has the patience to plug in the camera?

Tomorrow Tim and I are going to carve pumpkins and hand out candy to trick or treaters. Tim just finished up a very important mission and is ready to go buy the pumpkins. I'll get motivated to download pictures after we finish with that and possibly post again before another two weeks go by.


  1. Post pumpkin pictures. And cow pictures. And what about a post on questions people ask?
    I didn't see a 34 week photo. What's up with that?

  2. That's so funny about how the baby was moving around like crazy while you were sleeping. That must be so hard having to wake up every couple hours, but I'm glad to hear that you're usually able to fall back to sleep pretty quickly. Oh and the T-Rex arms description is cracking me up...The visual that popped into my head when I read that is too funny. :) Can't wait for video footage!

  3. What was this very important mission that Tim went on before he could buy pumpkins? Is it top secret?

  4. The trouble sleeping at night is preparing you for when Zoey arrives! I agree with your mom, post pictures!

  5. Yes, yes. I'll post some very impressive photos soon of pumpkins, cows and bellies. :)

    Monica glad you were able to see the same image I was when thinking about my T-rex arms. It cracks me up too. The waking up a lot isn't too big of a deal, cuz I've always had a ridiculously small bladder so I've always woken up at least once or maybe twice a night pre-pregnancy.

    I was wondering if someone would ask about Tim's secret mission. I was trying to make him sound cool and mysterious. Really it was a video game mission he went on. It actually was mysterious because I don't have any idea what in the world he did on this mission. But, I'm not positive if it was cool...

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be jealous of all the sleep I'm getting now when Zoey is a newborn, so it probably is a very good thing I'm getting used to less of it gradually.

  6. i was just telling Seth about your funny cow costume. We had a good chuckle. The best part of pregnancy (and probably the only best part) is when the baby moves. We got the flip camera and love it!


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