Oct 30, 2009

Falling Behind and 34 week Observations

It seems I'm falling behind on the blog. It would be cool if I had some reason for it like I've been creating some new invention that's gonna make me a billionaire. But, the truth is I've just been feeling lazy and haven't been doing much that makes for interesting blogging material.

I turned 28 and to celebrate I took the day off of work. Then Tim took me shopping to get a camcorder because we've been wanting one for when Zoey is born. We couldn't decide on one that day, but finally we ordered one online. It came today and I'm impressed. It's a Sanyo Xcacti. It is a regular camera and a camcorder in one because I only wanted to carry around one and not both. Also my regular camera isn't very impressive so I'm not too attached to it. Soon I'll download the pictures I've taken so far and post them here along with some video.

My belly has gotten pretty large, to the point where I'm fairly limited as to what I can do physically. I can still work out on my elliptical with no problems, but walking more than a mile is tricky because I've got this new stabbing pain that seems to be originating from the cervix area. Oops, is that too graphic? Oh, well. I'm sure it's because the baby has her head down now and that must be causing more pressure than before. Also new is not being able to sleep more than a couple hours at a time tops, between hip pain, shoulder pain, and having to pee. It's kind of a hassle, but because I fall back asleep right away, it hasn't affected me too much really. I do think its hilarious that my physical condition is so similar now to very very elderly person's. "Oooohhhh... my hip," I'll exclaim after laying on one side for two hours. Because I can't twist my torso very well with the big belly, and can't lean forward very far because my belly hits my thighs and stops me, it seems like my arms are not long enough lately. I like to call them my little T-rex arms. Poor things often struggle to reach what they want to.

In my last post I mentioned that I thought Zoey must sleep at night because I never get woken up by her moving. Turns out it's me who is a really good sleeper when she is moving. The other night I was asleep and my stomach was touching Tim's side. He was awake and said Zoey was at the disco, he could feel her really well making all kinds of huge movements and I just snoozed right through it.

Feeling her move almost all the time is one really cool thing about this stage of pregnancy. That and knowing that meeting her is actually going to happen soon makes the uncomfortable things not too bad. Really, I think I was expecting to be more uncomfortable than I am with the 9th month just about to begin.

Today I dressed up again as a cow for work and entered into the yearly costume contest. People seemed to enjoy the costume and running around work as a cow was fun. It was a little bit of a pain because my stomach sticks out far enough without the 4 inch cow nipples bumping into everything. I may have accidentally molested a few people with my nipples. I should really post some pictures right now, but who has the patience to plug in the camera?

Tomorrow Tim and I are going to carve pumpkins and hand out candy to trick or treaters. Tim just finished up a very important mission and is ready to go buy the pumpkins. I'll get motivated to download pictures after we finish with that and possibly post again before another two weeks go by.

Oct 14, 2009

Pregnancy Week 32

Time seems to be flying by now, with just under two months to go. I'm feeling a little uncomfortable due to size, but it isn't too bad yet. One of the most annoying things is when I'm laying down in bed and feel like I can't get enough oxygen. It's because my lungs are getting a little squished I assume, and though I know its common and pregnant women worldwide aren't suffocating in their sleep, it's still kinda freaky. That's only happened a few times though. Feeling her move is still just as awesome, it never gets old. They say babies are often in the same sleep/wake pattern by now that they will be in after they are born. If that's true I'm hoping I'm going to luck out with a baby who sleeps pretty well through the night, because she never wakes me up during the night. I'm a light sleeper so I'm pretty sure she must be sleeping while I'm sleeping or I think I'd get woken up.

I was planning to schedule November 13th as the first day of my leave. That's three weeks before my due date. I thought it would be nice to have a little time to prepare and relax since it could be awhile before I have much spare time on my hands. Ha!! Foolish me thinking I could divide my 12 weeks of unpaid job protected leave how I'd like before and after birth. What I need to do instead is work until the day before my due date. Unless I get a note from my midwife excusing me sooner. Which I sure hope is common, but I'll find out about that at my next appointment.

Speaking of my midwife, I had my first appointment with her since switching from my doctor. After the appointment I felt so relieved and glad that I switched. Phew!

Oct 12, 2009

Things that make me laugh

This video of Tim. He found that he could use his mouth to make an eyelid for a gummy eyeball and make it look around and blink. I can't tell if this is technically funny, but I couldn't stop laughing.


Doing sexy strip teases for Tim in my clearly not sexy state. I like to dramatically whirl my stomach around inbetween sensual gyrating. He laughs at me and thinks I'm funny, but it's hard to say whether he thinks it's amusing that I'm cracking myself up so hard, or weather the actual dancing itself is funny. I win either way.

The fact that Howard goes to bed before I do. He always disappears around 9 PM and can be found after that time on his futon totally crashed out. He can't be moved either, most dogs perk up when they hear a noise, but when Howard goes to bed he is in a deep sleep until morning. Being a guard dog is not his calling.

I'm still laughing when I remember this incident in the bedroom from last week. Okay, not that kind of incident. More like the kind where Tim was spooning me and breathing so loudly that I couldn't fall asleep, so I used a tactic I often employ and stuck an earplug in that ear. I was woken up who knows how much later by Tim sitting up suddenly and hissing as loudly as possible. After I recovered from my near heart attack I found out that Ember had been yowling at the top of his lungs for awhile. Tim thought we were both awake feeling annoyed and he was acting on my behalf as well by hissing in order to scare Ember off.

I've saved the best for last, this picture Tim had me take of him while we were doing my maternity photo shoot:

Oct 10, 2009

For sell

I was placing an ad on KSL and happened to notice this. I've selected the text in question for you. Now, I'm going to really embarrass myself here if this is somehow correct, and please don't hesitate to let me know if I'm way off. However, I feel fairly confident that this is simply a case of people write things as they say them, unaware of how a basic word is spelled. KSL is a Utah news source and news website. How could it be that someone who works for a news website has actually avoided reading enough that they think that you are going to "make a sell"? I always notice when someone says sell when they mean sale, and I used to assume they knew the word was spelled sale. The last year or two though, I've noticed "for sell" written on signs and now here on KSL. I wasn't old enough to notice this stuff when I lived in Texas, but I now wonder if people are writing things about "hell storms" or writing "what the hail??"

Oct 8, 2009

Happenings and I'm a Cow

Nothing particularly blog worthy has been going on lately, although I did finish up my Halloween costume and get a chance to wear it for the first time over the weekend. My costume turned out to be just as wonderful as I'd dreamed it would. I think I can safely use the pictures as my 31 week pregnancy shots.

This one is very artistic:

Our friend Alexis was having a baby shower that was also a Halloween party that we went in costume to. There was delicious food, cute decorating, and most importantly good company. It was fun and I wish I had taken more pictures. Ryan was in charge of the picture taking and maybe I'll post a couple of those when I see them because some were really hilarious. Lots of jokes in bad taste were made about my udder and nipples, and there was a lot of inappropriate touching of them. Tim went as a baby with a got milk bib because we had to whip up our costumes in about an hour due to poor planning. We saw this one at the store and figured with no time to spare, it at least kind of related to my costume, which also still needed to be made but I at least had the materials I needed. There were only size XL costumes available, which turned out to be a good thing because he couldn't even fit into the XL. The costume wasn't tall enough, which is strange because Tim isn't XL tall. It gave him a nearly constant wedgie. He had to walk around all hunched over in this special way to avoid having a constant wedgie, and it was hilarious so maybe it was a good thing his costume was too small comedy wise.

Other than that, the weekend was spent drooling over a house that we went and looked at Friday night. The house we live in now is fine and it wouldn't be a bad thing if we ended up staying in our house for a few more years, but we both really want to move into a better neighborhood while the market is down and we could afford it. This house was in a perfect neighborhood right next to the mountains and we fell in love. It was listed as a short sale, but we found out after we saw it that it is actually in foreclosure already. It is going to be auctioned off later this month. We are still a little hopeful and are going to try making an offer if it doesn't sell and gets relisted as a foreclosure.

The weekend before this one we went up Little Cottonwood Canyon to see all of the fall colors. They were out in full force and it was beautiful up there. It also happened to be Octoberfest, so we walked around through that and enjoyed ourselves.

Pretty soon I want to to a maternity photo shoot. I figure now is probably the best time, I'm big, but my belly button hasn't revolted yet and I'm not huge. I found lots of poses online to copy so I'm going to set up a very professional studio in my house and see if Tim can get some good shots.
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